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Comment Re:Errm, solution already on the way? (Score 1) 242

No they don't. There is not a single apple store in India. All are third party retailers selling iCrap. Often the same store will sell you non-apple crap too. Compare that to the thousands of Samsung Stores and Sony Worlds, selling crap only from their brand. That's because Sony's TVs and Samsungs latest flagships all have the mark "Manufactured in India" on them.

Comment Re:what about telemetry? (Score 1) 80

You can use a network analyser to see for yourself.

How? Correlation using time alone is useless. It can store up a few hours of conversations and then send it back only when you trigger the 'hello command'. People will see a spike on the network analyzer and assume that it sends voices only when given a command.

Comment Quick review (Score 1) 231

Out of the list in the summary, the following are scifi:

1. Binti - looks like a run-of-the-mill war/coming-of-age story that is coincidentally set in space/galaxy. Not interested.
2. Our lady of the open road - definitely scifi, interesting premise. Will check this out, but not very excited.
3. Hungry daughters of starving mothers - this is neither scifi nor fantasy. A description found on the web: "It’s about terrible eating habits, generational isolation, & finding love in the big city." *snore*
4. Mad Max: Fury Road - Ummm...is this a fucking joke?
5. Updraft: looks like a nice fantasy story.

So have we no author remaining who writes hard scifi that is exciting and futuristic? Is this what we have been reduced to?

Submission + - William Trubridge completes a freedive of 400' (theguardian.com)

jd writes: The world record for freediving now stands at 400'. Competitive freediving requires that a person dive with only one breath of air and without aids to help withstand the pressures. At 400', William was exposed to pressures roughly sixteen times that of the normal atmosphere. His body was compressed such that the internal and external pressures matched, so you can figure out what this would have done to things like his heart, kidneys, eyes, and so on. In order to be considered as completing a dive, the person must return to the surface, get on-board a support ship, make the ok sign and say a phrase, I think it's "dive complete". The object of the ritual is to detect physical damage (to body or brain) that can't otherwise be detected. 400' is not the furthest competitive freedivers have gone. The greatest depth achieved by a living diver (who failed to complete the ritual due to extreme damage) is twice the new record, 800'. Herbert Nitschs so nearly held a record that wouldn't have been broken for decades. He did reach 800' and return to the surface, but the effect of the dive wrecked him utterly. For what it is worth, we now know humans can survive 32x atmospheric pressure, but it's not obvious the cost was worth it.

Comment Re:When I carry old printed maps... (Score 1) 263

I feel that paper maps are much better for developing a "feel" of the area/route. After looking at a paper map and tracing my intended route carefully, I am able to navigate by myself, more-or-less. But when I use navigation on a cellphone screen, I kinda just give up and do what the computer says because I just cannot see enough detail at once to really grok the geography. It may just be a problem with me ofc.

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