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Comment Re:No dinner for Andre. (Score 1) 201

But when it comes to search, there is no real vendor lock-in. Don't like Google's search? Think they are blocking relevant results? You can use DuckDuckGo, or Bing, or Yahoo

Or Startpage!

Net Neutrality is only dead in the United States.

It's more like... "no longer enforced at the federal level". But yeah, that still sucks. And it sucks for Europe as well because you're currently reading text that was served to you from the United States.

Comment Reposted article from Reddit (Score 1) 201

Oh Hey! I saw this on reddit. Someone linked to the initial posting on the dude's site. I shot it full of holes and he actually responded down in the comments. Looks like he didn't take any of my criticisms and is continuing to push it. He also posted it up on /r/technology.

Lemme see... the highlights of all that bullshit....

  1) This is hyperbole in the extreme. He's lying to you to generate traffic and controversy. Clickbait.

  2) He makes up bullshit terms like "closed web" and "Wirenet".

  3) He's somehow trying to blame IPv4 and NAT for the rise of Google and Amazon as middlemen. This is crazy.

  4) Oh, and "wires" in general. No, seriously, did you read that line:

It is possible to escape middlemen businesses by decreasing reliance on the infrastructure that plugs their systems together: wires.

I can't make this shit up

  5) He mentions "scuttlebutt" which legitimately looks interesting as a way to harvest and cache parts of the Internet when your connection is intermittent.

  6) He also mentions DAT, but doesn't know how it works. He thinks it would remove the need for the IP layer. Also DAT would be TERRIBLE for a mesh network.

  7) After cutting away all the salespitch bullshit and technological misconceptions, I think he's imagining a bunch of Africans walking around with cellphones
hosting their own webpage that gets harvested by their friends cellphones when they're in wifi range of each other. With some mesh networking to help extend that range a little. Which is a cool idea.

The big takeaway from that whole ordeal was when he admitted:

I have never used a MANET myself, I have basically no practical experience with its concrete problems.

I have no idea why he would then write an article about how they would save the world.

I have to agree with the others above, it's drivel.

Comment Re:What what? (Score 2) 285

That's a good argument for the believers. I like it. But it's not going to sway non-believers because it's taking too many liberties with history.

They're going to scoff at "NASA paid back at least 5:1 every investment ever made in it." and ask how that could possibly be true given NASA's ~$580 billion since it's inception. When you try and give NASA credit for:

computer era: They'll say that it would have happened with or without NASA, and I have to agree.

memory foam mattresses and velcro: Ok, but those are pretty minor things, and haven't paid out $2.5 Trillion.

insulin pumps: That's a more legit example.

LCD displays: I'd put that more at the feet of RCA. Just because the space shuttle had LCD displays doesn't mean they were exclusively developed for NASA.

photovoltaic cells: They'll point out that solar cells certainly existed prior to NASA. Of course NASA developed them further and has a practical application. The argument is that without that basic research to make them more viable, solar cells would not have been anywhere near commercially viable and private industry wouldn't have wanted to sink in the money to get it there.

NASA has a list of spinoff technologies. A lot of these aren't all that well known, but they're more concrete examples.

Comment Outdated metric (Score 1) 285

humanity's expansion into the cosmos slowed and then stopped (not counting robots)

Why wouldn't we count robots?

Hey, it's a great photo op to get a human on a different rock and plant a flag. There's potential political points being gained there. But there is no space-race. If we go up there and do it, there's no one to rub their face in it. Maaaaybe we show up Elon Musk? Is that even a fair fight? The US government, NASA, and all the taxpayers vs one rich boi? No, even if we get long-term "we were first" bragging rights when it comes to putting people far away from Earth, it doesn't help us today. Because there is no space race. Because there are no other competitors. Maybe if someone else gets footprints on the moon then there will be a race to Mars.

The political, PR, advertising aspect aside, putting people into space has next to zero scientific advantages (that they couldn't get on the ISS). Engineering and logistic-wise, it adds a TON of cost and it doesn't gain us much of anything. While I would love to get off this rock, I don't think we should send people until they can step into a functional habitat that could support them. The first martian colonists will be robots digging holes and planting seeds.

Comment Re:This sexist drivel again (Score 1) 427

What solutions DO you propose if not shaming predators who are caught?

What would you say about equal punishment for false accusations?

I don't think the fear comes from justice being served to those caught red-handed, but rather from injustice from those who are automatically lumped in with he rest on a baseless accusation. Imagine someone you dislike, someone politically active, an openly proud clansmen or MAGA type, had the power to simply name you and get you fired. To have your rights taken away in court. Maybe have your kids taken away. To force you to pay ~$5,000 to $50,000 in legal fees just to defend yourself. With no hope of retaliation or justice in the end. All just by saying your name and making a claim about something you did. Imagine that world. How you'd live in it. How it would make you feel.

Don't harass or assault women and don't be sexist if you're worried. It's that fucking simple.

Are you going to pretend that false accusations don't happen?

Comment Re:No Need to Go to the Moon or Mars (Score 1) 307

Right, but the ISP, the umph you get per kg of fuel, is fantastic compared to chemical engines. "VASIMR could reduce the amount spent of fuel for maintaining ISS altitude, using as little as 300 kg of argon gas instead of 7.5 tonnes of chemical fuel". In short, your fuel tank lasts a lot longer.

The bigger problem is that their thrust is so small. To scale that up you need a fuckton of watts. To make that many watts, you need a bigger power source, BOOM, you get into the exact same rocket equation you have with chemical engines. Well... not exact. When you're not scooting about the solar system you could use that power for other things. But you're typically always using it.

Comment Re:Irrelevant (Score 1) 193

This is appalling, and pretty much means civility and reason are dead in America.

It's bad. Nearly as bad as it's ever been. There was some real nasty politics in the past.

But let's not forget how bad it could be. We could be in open rebellion with sectarian violence. The reds vs the blues with murder and violence in the streets. Like the failed state of Iraq we created and got ~300,000 civilians killed in religious purges, or Syria whose population peaked in 2010. It's a very low bar, but not murdering each other IS a modicum of civility.

Comment Joking aside (Score 1) 98

You can just look at their current campus. They already have a baseball diamond and two soccer fields.

They essentially own everything between 148th ave, 51st, and Bel-Red Rd. Interestingly, Pactera Technologies, Honeywell, and Nintendo are all allowed in their turf. Ha, and "Posh Consulting" is right next door.

Comment Fuck No (Score 1) 141

And double Fuck No!

This is a laughably bad introduction chapter to a cyberpunk dystopian hellscape where corporations employ their own hit-squads, hackers, and armies.

There's no real difference from breaking into a hotel lobby at night and trashing it, peeking a the guest registry, and robbing the cash drawer. Should corporations be able to break into a person's home, trash it, peek at their mail, and rob their wallet? Just because they suspect you might have been the one to throw paint around in their lobby? No? Then this too is a bad idea.

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