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Comment Awareness (Score 5, Interesting) 111

I think that while documentation is already freely available for a lot of medical conditions, integrations into a single device (that you carry all the time with you) can surely raise awareness about such documentation. I don't think that people wanting to know more about a medical condition is necessarily evil or a sign of not trusting doctors. Has the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge's sake completely disappeared? "Self-medication" may well result in misdiagnosis and possible complications by not going to the doctor in some cases, but on the flip side, it might encourage others to go consult trained professionnals because they think they might not have something as benign as they first thought. Furthermore, there is a lot of developement in completely automated tools for diagnosing infections, genetic mutations, etc which might reduce the need for some medical consultation within the next 5-10 years.

Comment Re:Misleading to call it "non-copied" (Score 1) 657

but ignorance of the law is simply a lame excuse, no matter how complex the law gets.

These are my laws, you must follow them or be found guilty:
fhlkadbnfvadskbn;aedkljnmb;dn;eotinmtglnmd`g`gn dgfgdfgdfgdf p;djklnbflkjbfd;s hth
ldfkgndf;bngfb;nmgfmbgfb klahjblkjfdbnvlkjdfbiurrhg dfguhdfgkhdfg dfoghodfhdpgh drfghidbvididf bpodfghbdf gpbh
dkfjghvldkfhbvdhg rgphg erghdfghdfghr g rghdrpghdrugh rgh7g rghre gerhge gehgeadrag rhg grepg

Since you can't ignore them, no matter how complex they are, I already find you guilty of infringing them. Extreme exemple, maybe, but nonetheless, almost as clear as some real laws....

Submission + - Canadian SOPA could target youtube (activepolitic.com)

bs0d3 writes: The music industry is seeking over a dozen changes to Canadian anti-piracy bill C-11, including website blocking, Internet termination for alleged repeat infringers, and an expansion of the "enabler" provision that is supposedly designed to target pirate sites. Meanwhile, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada also wants an expansion of the enabler provision along with further tightening of the already-restrictive digital lock rules. It's concerning that some of these expansions will create a risky situation for legitimate websites, as SOPA did in the US. Michael Geist outlines the legal history and complications here.

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