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Comment Dead Wrong (Score 1) 215

I hate to make this claim without being able to cite my sources, but my access to research databases has been cut off since graduating...

But this flies against the past 20 years of research. Nearly all studies show a strong NEGATIVE correlation between nearly all types of mental illness and creativity (as measured using a variety of scales). Schizophrenia and depression are the two that leap to mind. I know there's this popular idea that the crazies are more creative (or vice versa), but it's simply not true...

Comment Re:This isn't programming. (Score 5, Insightful) 124

It's elementary programming--as TFA states, you define rules for the behavior of objects and the interactions between objects.

While this certainly isn't as nitty-gritty as Logo, it still introduces kids to the ideas of determining conditions, and processes to undergo under those conditions, a very important concept in programming. It also introduces them to an object-oriented environment.

Maybe it doesn't "teach programming to kids," but with any luck it will get them interested and excited enough about this kind of thing to pursue it academically... and maybe even give them a very basic foundation of skills.

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