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Comment Re:FSF questions (Score 1) 98

I don't care so much if the FSF doesn't like the Ubuntu Edge. I'm OK with closed-source software being on the phone.

I never cared much for smart phones, and I didn't even own one until last year when a friend gave me a bricked LG model. It really bothered me that a modern computer could be "bricked" and I couldn't even fix it without importing a Medusa jtag box with illegal software (under the DMCA).

This is why I was interested in the Ubuntu Edge. An open source boot loader would be awesome.

Comment FSF questions (Score 4, Interesting) 98

Were the following questions by the FSF ever answered?

"Will the Ubuntu Edge versions of both Android and Ubuntu contain or rely on any proprietary software or proprietary firmware?"

"Will the Ubuntu Edge include any Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) software?"

"Will the device's bootloader be free software?"

"Will the device have Restricted Boot, or will users be able to replace the operating system with a free one of their choice?"

"Will Ubuntu Edge include F-Droid, the free software Android application repository, as part of a commitment to promote and recommend only free software?"

Comment Re:Taxes (Score 1) 266

Most operate under the impression that the government just has all this free money to send where it wants with no clue that those resources and funds have to actually come from somewhere.

Most in the government operate under that assumption. But, hey, we can always print more money.

Comment Re:Cognitive bubble (Score 1) 1063

No shit. People that don't have access to insulin will die more often from diabetes. So fucking what? They introduce this interesting phenomenon that even wealthy and seemingly healthy Americans have lower life expectancy than those in other affluent areas, and then they don't explain shit about why they think that is the case. Do you care to explain it?

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