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Comment Re: Courage (Score 2) 167

This is what courage looks like.

Umm, did you actually read the summary?

"So it is adding three hours of battery life, but in doing so, it's merely matching the battery life of last year's 1080p model."

If you were truly brave you'd use it with the screen turned off to get that extra 3 hours battery life.

Comment Re:We already have a useless class (Score 1) 414

For all of their faults (and there are many to be sure,) most large (and even mid size) corporations would fall apart without CxOs or some equivalent to keep everything moving in the same direction.

If you haven't read Marshall Brain's short story Manna, or similar things, it may be worth investing some time. Some people put forward the idea that these manager/director jobs can be done one day by PCs, mostly using existing technologies. It's an interesting idea with far reaching consequences for our societies of today if it were ever to happen.

Comment Re:OR (Score 1) 227

97% of workers now are doing jobs that didn't exist 100 years ago, and I am fully confident that 100 years from now 97% of people will be doing jobs that don't exist now. Who knows what crazy shit people will dream up to busy themselves with when robots and AI do all the menial things?

Funnily enough that sounds a lot like the old Soviet Union, where people found things to "busy themselves".

Comment Re:So how's the whole female CEO thing working for (Score 1) 141

[Marissa] took some positive steps, like ending the one day per week of "working from home" that most Yahoos referred to as their "day off". My neighbor works for Yahoo, and it is nice that he no longer starts his lawnmower at 9am every Friday.

Ah yes, good that the slacker neighbor is forced back to work. Probably deserves a good whipping halfway though the day to keep him on track... Hey, wait! What are you doing around the house at 9AM on a Friday to hear his lawnmower start up? Shouldn't you be at work?

Comment Re:Looking forward to Juno mission (Score 1) 27

I thoiught current thinking was that Jupiter and Saturn formed pretty far out then were drawn in, swapping places with each other and collectively with Uranus and Nepture (and possibly ejecting a fifth large planet) going closer to the Sun than their present locations before finally settling down.

I think that was the idea before large numbers of Jupiter-sized exoplanets were found orbiting close to their parent stars. Then the new idea came up that Jupiter and Saturn may have formed close to the Sun. In a 3-body-problem manner, Saturn might have been pushed out and took Jupiter with it (similar in part to how our own moon is moving away from us). Then, with the space close to the Sun cleared of debris and pushed into clumps, Mars-sized protoplanets started to form and were pushed into orbits around the Sun. If the orbits were too close, because not entirely circular the differential pull of the Sun would have sped up or slowed down planets on the same orbits causing a collision. This may have occurred for Venus, knocking it so that it now has virtually no spin, for the Earth, giving us our current size and moon(s), and also to create the asteroid belt past Mars.

It all ties in with the bombardment phase when/where the inner planets received water, possibly from the motions of Jupiter away from the Sun pulling in the distant icy comets from the outer solar system towards the Sun. It's an interesting model where the actual reality might even be more intricate or different. However, this is a gap in our current understanding that we may begin to solve by analyzing Jupiter in detail.

Comment Looking forward to Juno mission (Score 4, Interesting) 27

The Juno mission to Jupiter this year looks pretty interesting. We should find out if Jupiter has a rocky core, some nice polar images, and detailed measurements that might shed light on the early solar system formation. As far as I understand it isn't known if Jupiter formed near the Sun and moved out or not, and this has huge implications for Earth's early history and more generally for systems around other stars.

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