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Comment Re:The real crime here (Score 1) 465

but think of the cane lobby!

canes will be prescribed for everything from headaches to depression
cross walk signals will be extended by 15 maybe even 45 seconds!
motor vehicles will require cane holder compliance by 2020 resulting in a huge bill to tax payers
then come the robots.. soon if you can walk without a cane you will be given the cane until that situation resolves it's self.. then you will be required to use TWO canes!

the resulting MLC victory of the elders over the lawn-yellers will be unrelated

Comment Re:Jenny McCarthy (Score 1) 395

you're right, they don't.. if they did, and could EASILY, they would.. I would happily do the same.
Training yourself to not be depressed is harder than taking the pill.. but the pill, whatever form it takes doesn't handle depression, it "levels the highs and lows" and should be administered along with a training regiment to teach you to "cope" with your situation.

otherwise.. you are a lost cause, which is rather depressing.

Comment Re:Jenny McCarthy (Score 1) 395

as a depressed person.. the crappy but true answer is, not being depressed, really just takes not being depressed.
it's stupidly easy. Would be laughably so if I weren't depressed.
  it's just so freaking haaaaaaard. why not take a pill instead?
but don't kid yourself into thinking that a person can't control themselves, it's a conscious choice to take that decision out of your own hands, and give it to a doctor, and/or a pill.

Comment Re:Won't do any good. (Score 1) 264

I tend not to pay much attention the news, but my problem is not so much good cop/bad cop but stupid cop. Maybe I have a nostalgia goggles, but when I grew up, cops wore blue trousers and a blue shirt and shoes, like an office worker. You'd see them walking the beat and they were friendly and said hello. Now every time I see cops they have commando boots, cargo pants and a combat vest with guns and tasers and all sorts of GI Joe paraphernalia. They have visible tattoos and wrap around sunglasses and all like look like wannabe gangster thugs. It makes it hard for me to teach my kids to respect the law when the create that image for themselves.

You know what, thank you.
I have a good amount of family that are LEO's and am generally quick to defend officers in general in the situations where force is used if at all possible. It's just difficult to go to work for 9 hours a day on alert for someone to make a movement that says, " bang your dead" before you are actually.. you know.. dead.

This however is a perspective that hadn't crossed my mind. There has been a shift away from the uniformed protector of the peace, and towards a tactical dress down military police look. This adds a level of intimidation to any potential interaction that could certainly add to the stress of it and turn it down the road of conflict.

I do know that the tactical gear is much better in a chase or apprehend situation, but that is it. The perception of preparation for every situation to be a high stress situation could aid in a situation becoming a high stress one.. there has to be a middle ground on this, and I wonder if there have been any studies done around this shift..

Comment Re:Begun, the Class Wars Have... (Score 1) 921

haha.. this was in the haight. They will scream any random crap there. Though to be honest.. I don't wear my glass there myself, because well.. how to put this.. the area is "full of character". you are either living under rent control, or paying 3500 a month for a 1 br.. or homeless if you live in the area. Think poor real hippies clashing with rich technohippies, as an extremely broad representation.. there are of course the dealers and hookers that just want out of the fight. Though the latter has made the case that technically they could call it "pornography" if their customer was wearing a glass.
I doubt most people realize that the glass is tied to my google account, and essentially is a chunk of plastic you could use to check my e-mail if you stole it, and that's about it.. but that's not gonna stop someone whose plan is to trade it down the street for some weed.

If anything(and having to guess), the reference there was not towards the individual, but the person assumed they were a google employee. Who is opening dev centers all over the city. The moment that that happens the cost of living in that area goes up, because the google employees want to live near work. If you own a building in sf, and you can get 2-3 million for it today, and let the "next guy" deal with evicting the current residents under a loophole that allows that and bringing in the 3,500 a month per tenant people. or continue to make 300 dollars a month off of the three tenants you have. whatcha gonna do?

facts about google glass:
#1 it can record for a total of 45 mins before the battery dies if the battery is at 100% capability(not capacity.. batteries degrade), on a cold day(so it doesn't melt the side of your face off)
#2 a bar.. with no flash, HAHA yeah.. if you can make out an individual bar patron, let alone the person you were actually attempting to take a picture of, good luck
#3 again, bars aren't well known for their lighting.. you're going to see the person's right eye "glowing" when they are taking their naughty pictures.. or checking the time, or perhaps they just laughed really hard and that activated it.

knowing the haight it went down something like this.
random person: hey, is that google glass?
Glasshole: yeah
random person: how do ya like it?
glasshole: insert positive or negative stuff here
otherbarfly: ohh, google.. those things are stupid
glasshole: decides to speak up/out against barfly, instead of saying to themselves.. hey, this is escalating
barflys: start with the mob rule
glasshole: "gets uncomfortable" and retaliates, verbally and childishly
mob rule wins
Everyone loses.

Comment Re:Privacy? (Score 3, Informative) 124

it's also showing a serious misunderstanding of how glass works.. it gets connected via bluetooth (for data) or wifi (for data). the images/searches/whatever go to google first.. then get dropped back to your phone via the magic of "the cloud".

they are already cached forever in google search, and available online.. blocked only by your privacy settings on g+

I suppose if you only ever used it as a bad go pro, you could in theory get away with not having the uploading "feature" there and just pull everything via USB.. but you'd have to disable bluetooth and wifi.. which means, again, all it is... is a bad camera.

I am an explorer, and have been wearing the thing for 3 months now. While an interesting self study, I haven't found a huge amount of usefulness out of it yet. Maybe it will run /. beta?

Comment Re:Free Market? LoL (Score 1) 688

welcome to our political/economic reality.
you have two options.
Be paid up with the right people
Fail in a public forum (Texas in this case) as a result of not being paid up with the right people and hope for political pressure to get you through.

Tesla i feel has the option to go either way, but I applaud them taking the high road, pun intended, here.

The real problem only arises when you can't afford either option. In which case you just might be reaching for a larger market than you as a company can support.

Not saying it's the best system, or even sufficiently "good" to pass most tests for "ok". but it's been this way since the beginning.
Tesla v Edison
North v South
Ford v the automobile industry
blah blah blah

I might be alone in this, but if a law/decision is made that limits a person, group of people, company, or business model there needs to be safety or environmental reasons for it or IMO it is based on personal rhetoric or personal gain. Of course, in this world gone mad, finding someone to say that allowing direct to consumer marketing is killing children and polluting the gene pool is pretty easy. So who you are paying shifts... then what?

Comment Security and fraud teams the same? (Score 1) 179

Seriously? What bank has that setup?
you can distract the "security" team until the cows come home (even having just 1 "security" team.. that could be distracted is a bit.. odd here)

this is where having specialist in security are required for doing business. Layered defense.
the security team dealing with the DDOS and the security team watching the wire transfer systems should have been alerted when their respective domains were affected.
then when money starts going to the wrong places, a wire fraud team would be involved. if the money was coming from business accounts vs personal accounts, vs high value accounts, vs what have you.. each of those respective fraud and security teams would be working towards their own mitigation.

no.. these had to be small banks/credit unions without a proper layered defense.. OR a very very serious APT/collusion attack.

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