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Comment Re: That's just... dishonest (Score 1) 229

iOS also has an emulator that does exactly that. There is zero difference between developing for iOS, Windows or Android, other than the fact that the developer program on iOS gets you a code signing certificate, and on the other platforms you need to take care of that seperately. You can still DEVELOP for iOS with zero payment into the developer program.

Yes, you need a Mac, or at least some way of running OS X to run XCODE, but to develop for Android or Windows you also need a computer with either a Windows license or a copy of Linux.

A 2010 Mac Mini, which is more than capable of iOS development is not cost prohibitive.

Comment this will not end well.... (Score 1) 127

... there are 2 ways you can compete in the marketplace - value (i.e., offering something that is worth buying because it offers something you can't get elsewhere) and price. Unless Blackberry are going to offer something useful that other Android OEMs can not offer, they're going to have to compete on PRICE. When they're broke, against the manufacturing might of all the cheap android OEMs in China.

2c. They're toast.

Comment Re: That's just... dishonest (Score 1) 229

Developing for Linux, Windows and Mac is NOT free. The hardware costs money. To sign code on Windows costs money. To sign code anywhere costs money to get a certificate from a reputable CA. The apple developer program gets you a code signing certificate to enable you to publish your app. You can do all the iOS or other Apple development you like without that.

Comment Re:My FreeBSD Report: Four Months In (Score 1) 471

In my experience I have had less crashes in the past 15 years with FreeBSD than I have with Linux. I have had crashes with both. I haven't had significantly more blue screens with Windows either, and the ones I have had with windows have been caused by broken hardware or drivers.

Buy decent hardware with proper driver support and most current operating systems are stable. Problem is most people buy bottom dollar hardware.

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