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Comment Re:Does that include building a time machine? (Score 1) 688

Why is it right for the West to poke their noses into another country, YET again.

Some military personnel turned against their leader. This isn't Egypt where it was a popular revolution.

This is a minority, attacking standing government and fighting a losing battle. The standing government does not want to let rebels win and doing all they can to preserve their rule. Any other sovereignty would do the same (though with differing views on excessive). This is a standing government that the West doesn't like so they want to topple it, just like Cuba.

This is just as bad as any other invasion.

And this is vindication to every single terrorist organization out there for defending themselves to extreme measures in the face of Western invasion. They don't have the power to fight against a big bully head on so they are fighting for their very lives any which way they can.

Comment Re:Now I'm no homophobe... (Score 1) 794

Believe it or not, I agree with the DADT having no place in Government policy.
Or that any beliefs should have a basis for public policy, irrational or rational. Public policy should be based on rational decisions and logic, not beliefs of a majority or minority, especially in a democracy.
I have mixed feelings about DOMA but that has nothing to do with this either.

This has nothing to do with government policy. This is about an organization's right to throw out their beliefs in the form of an app that other believers can pay for.

Neither does the LGBT have any credible evidence to back up their beliefs either.

This app is not trying to force the LGBT into anything. This app is to appeal to their believers and the LGBT is making a fuss over it. The opposition have a right to their bigot message. This app doesn't force the LGBT community to the opposition's views. It MAY inflame the opposition to convert the LGBT but the LGBT has done their share of trying to convert people into thinking homosexuality is biological and not preference.

Comment Re:Biological basis for Teh Gay? (Score 1) 794

I fail to see the correlation, especially since my ring finger is shorter than my index finger.

And more testosterone makes a guy gay? By your hormonal theory, wouldn't more estrogen make a person think like a girl, and in case of guy, then be gay?

Observations has been that more testosterone makes a person more masculine, guy or girl. And the "Casanova" (a guy who was into tons of girls) had heighten testosterone. And differing homosexuals have been shown to have both a "masculine" personality and a "feminine" personality. So the use of hormonal difference to denote sexuality is grasping at straws.

Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 794

Apple has been pro-homosexual. They have lent their power in support of homosexual rights.

This is hardly offensive stating only the Exodus's beliefs and their idea for solving their perceived problem.

Just because it differs from your point of view does not make it blatantly offensive. Anyone can find even the minute thing offensive. If the world was to cater to individual's offense, then everything would be censored.

Those who don't want the app are under no obligation to purchase it. Those who want to purchase it for whatever reason, though I find it hard to fathom, should be allowed to waste their money.

I would say censoring porno is pushing it too, but since they want to be a family-rated site, then extreme adult material should be censored. I don't agree with Apple on that, but it's their prerogative. Just like if this was extremely sexual in nature, the LGT has the right to attack it on the adult material point of view.

Comment Re:Now I'm no homophobe... (Score 0) 794

I would mod you up but oddly I don't have any mod points anymore. Must be the idleness.

I have no problem with homosexuality, but this exactly is one of the main reason why I hate the LGT lobbyist and Vegan lobbyists. It's one thing to have their own perspective, that I can respect. They can even denounce and be vapid about the opposition view, that is their right. But for the LGT to try and force their views on the rest of the population is blatant hypocrisy. They are just as bad as those who they decry.

The LGT "believes" that being homosexual is unavoidably biological, and they're free to have their belief.
The conservatives "believes" that being homosexual is a conscious choice and they have a problem with that choice, and they're free to have their belief too.

I don't have a better label for opposition of LGT's without looking confusing.

If the LGT adamantly opposes the conservatives from aggressively silencing the LGT's voice, then the LGT has no right to aggressively silence the conservatives' voice.

I'm agnostic and do not support the Catholic Church, but short of them dragging people off to religious indoctrination (kidnapping) or forcible sexual-preference conversion (rape), they have their right to their beliefs. My only problem is my tax dollars supporting the Christian mission that does not involve humanitarian aid. That or my tax dollars pushing Catholic fallacy like "abstinence only".

Now of course my opposition to "teaching" Creationism in "mandatory schools" paid by "tax dollars" as "Science" to replace "legitimate" science is a different issue, and not a reflection on silencing the Creationists.

Comment Re:What does microsoft know about dating? (Score 1) 192

They are not claiming to know anything about women or dating. They are using technology, software, and algorithms to solve a task, which is in the skill set of Microsoft and Nerds.

Also this has nothing to do with knowing anything about women. If physical appearance or the facsimile of an appearance is the criteria, this is nothing but an exercise dealing with information/data. Any knowledge in regards to women as a human being is trivia in that regards.

Comment Re:I guess I'm stupid, too. (Score 1) 1268

If you used a pencil or pen to write in the answer on the screen of your Franklin Computer...then I think you have bigger problems than conceptual math. Cue blonde on computer jokes. Otherwise what problem does having a ? have in regards to writing in the space that the ? is occupying on a computer screen?

And on another post, I stated ?, __ and squares were additional place holders used along with ( ) prior to algebra.

And if your algebra teaching tool used ? instead of a letter variable, which I do not believe algebra does; then the programmers had it wrong. Or wasn't algebra but basic mathematics which does use ? as a symbol.

Comment Re:Confusing symbols (Score 1) 1268

No, x is used in "algebra" or further. x does not exist in lower grade mathematics. A blank space depicted in a variety of ways, is what is used prior to algebra.

I'm surprised, a study regarding the UK's abhorrent math standards gave me the understanding that students would be lucky to graduate high school with calculus, let alone have algebra in Middle School.

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