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Comment Re:At Least It's Humorous (Score 1) 169

Yeah, but they didn't make enough fragrances for every situation (I.E.) Kobayashi Maru: because there's no such thing as a no-win situation Ferengi funk: smells almost as good as the Latinum you bought it with or better yet (and this one just speaks for itself: Khan

Comment Re:I must be a freak. (Score 1) 823

Yeah... I've done that, Ubuntu's Upgrade system is not failproof. The simplest way is to just mount your home directory on a separate partition, and then just reinstall any time you do a major update (I tend to skip every other release, just cuz I'm too lazy to do an upgrade every 6 months) But, that being said, you can change the notification system so that a senior citizen would not ever have to mess with that. Even outdated Ubuntu is more user-friendly than XP for a non-proficient user in my mind.

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