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Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 289

I'm assuming the tom tom app downloads the maps and stores them locally on the iphone. Issues with the googlemap app that comes as standard are that it needs an internet connection to display the map so sometimes if you're in an area of patchy 3G signal you get a blank grid instead of a map. Otherwise it would be pretty pointless buying this in my opinion.

Comment So what? (Score 1) 454

Am I the only person here thinking that cloning a card containing biometric data means very little? I mean, unless you're gonna have plastic surgery too it makes little difference who has measurements of your cheekbones and ears. Not that I like ID cards mind you and I'm also nervous of biometric data being collected on me, but I'm not sure it's as much of a big deal as it might be.

Comment Stealing hi-res versions (Score 4, Interesting) 345

It kind of worries me that he hacked in and took the hi-res images. We run a gallery of biological images and it costs us a lot of money and effort to digitise our 80-100 year old collections in order to make them useful to the public and scientific community. We do want our images in the public domain and we do want them used, but we need to have the cash to keep doing this work as a small charity so clearly there needs to be some balance. If someone hacked in and took our hi-res images it might jeopardize our ability to add other images on our already shoe-string budget. If he gets away with that I'd be quite upset to be honest...

Comment Daily Mail crap (Score 1) 312

Typical Daily Mail headline rubbish, brought to you by the same newspaper that considers benefit fraud to be perpetrated solely by immigrants, etc etc.. You can easily confuse Daily Mail readers by telling them that asylum seekers are the natural predators of paedophiles.... I doubt there is any truth in the article. A government dept considering a thing is far from the same thing as doing it.... why should they not consider all options, even the stupid ones like this one?

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