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Comment Re:CentOS == win 7 of linux (Score 1) 346

No, RPM is not bad, it's pure EVIL, have you ever gone through the RPM documentation? It's a nightmarish twisty maze of implicit dependencies and inflexible as hell

Just having Yum sitting on top of it obscuring the RPM 'dependency from hell' cycle, doesn't mean that it's ok. If .deb packages leave cruft behind, that means the pre/post install of the particular package needs some work. Nothing to do with the package manager itself.

Using RHEL at the moment, but would drop it in a second if there was a serious contender for Redhat who would do Debian enterprise support.

There is a point of light though, someone is rebuilding RPM from the ground up, which seems to address the issues that plague the current version of RPM

Comment Re:It's not about innovation (Score 1) 219

The design is OBVIOUS.

- proportions

Hey it needs to fit in your hand and you need to be able to manage it with your fingers. The proportions of the device are related to the proportions of the human hand.

- size
Even though hands come in different sizes, there's probably a size that will be both usable for people with small hands and people with bigger hands.

- contour
Rounded edges. Wow. Not having rounded edges are uncomfortable in your pocket. Oblong, well oval or round phones are not comfortable in your pocket either and you'd also like something that doesn't use more space other than to house the required components, of which the size of the touch screen is probably the most important factor.

Most people handed the same components would come up with the same generic design.

Comment Re:So here we have an example of our crossroads... (Score 1) 239

A govenrments only real power is the threat of violence (through incarceration and other means to enforce laws). Having a government that's unable to enforce the laws it makes, would be the equivalency to having anarchy.

And if there's no government to enforce laws, then who would be making those corporations accountable? If you have a practical answer to this question, you'll have solved most of mankind's problems

What you're proposing would result in countries like Nigeria, where there's a puppet regime, strong enough to keep the threat of violence hanging over the population's head, while not strong enough to hold off corporations plundering any and all natural resources your country may possess.

The only practical solution would be to always ensure that private entities like corporations are always weaker than government. If you have a large corporation, the only option to control them is large government. Making sure that corporations are unable to grow beyond a certain size would reduce the need to large government, since it will never be required to grow large a as counterweight to the power that private entities (in this case corporations, but this also goes for other private entities) can exert.

Comment Re: Really? (Score 5, Insightful) 767

Those people you call parasitic thrash are trying to do the best they can do in their situation. The same YOU would be doing if you were ever to wind up in their situation.

The problem is not the fairly small amount of economic refugees taking bits off of the bottom of the economy, it's the established upper 1% that are milking the sheeple for all they have that are the problem. They're the parasites; the economic refugees usually take on the jobs you probably feel above doing.

Looks like they've done a good job convincing you that the problem is caused by the 'parasitic thrash'. You would have been a great asset to the NSDAP some 70 years ago. Now pick up that can citizen, get in line and show me your papers.

Comment Re: Really? (Score 1) 767

No, no, no.

You have that all wrong; that $600 million is trickling its way back into the economy.

At least that's the reasoning if you're one of the 1%-ers or one of the 99% percent of the population who thinks they're going to wind up in the 1% group in the future (good luck with that btw).

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