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Comment Re:Sooooo (Score 1) 492

Eschenwald posted a pic of his police report in direct response to the Infowars lies, but you know, keep on fighting the fight against the Lizard men from the moon here to steal your cheese or whatever drug induced inanity Alex Jones is pushing on the least intelligent Americans that frequent his site today.

Comment Re:Um (Score 1) 492

His posts were only controversial to Nazis. Anyone who had a functional brain, or bothered to fact check at all would have seen his posts were factually 100% true.

I know you are upset you were exposed to the world outside of your safe space, but the fact Trump supporters ARE Nazis. Period.

Comment Re:Um (Score 5, Informative) 492

You (and the summary) leave out some significant info.

First - They've done this to him multiple times since September, knowing he has siesures
Second - They've threatened to murder him, even left things on his doorstep
Third - They broke into his Daughters school, leaving messages addressed to him threatening his daughter.

Details are important, and this is far past the line for being able to prosecute criminally for harassment and threatening harm.

Comment Re:Screw you, big government! (Score 0) 291

Technically, nothing in the constitution gives you any right to drive, and the courts have held it to be a privilege that may be regulated and restricted as the government sees fit.

Your anti society, screw the government attitude won't change that fact, no matter how many cops the sovereign citizen loons like yourself murder.

Comment Re:EPA MPG != CAGE MPG (Score 1) 136

Employed labor is a percentage of the total population that is employed, but doesn't correct for those above and below the working age. The only people who push it are people who want to reinstate child labor and those who think people should never retire.

The correct stat to use is the U6 - The unemployed and under employed stat.

Comment Re:Outside help (Score 1) 431

If you ever read any "Marxist" writings, or the actual books on communism, you'd see that in them the removal of the state government is a stated end result. That's true communism though, something you Alex Jones loving loons never will understand. "Big government" was a conservative institution until Reagan convinced conservatives they should GIVE the government setup institutions to the people who already had the most. Not even charge for it, but have the government build it on the back of the people and hand it over to the people who already were at the top to run it privately. Conservatism is welfare for the rich at the expense of the whole nation. Conservatism is theft.

Comment Re:Outside help (Score 0) 431

In America, the libertarian party is a terrorist offshoot of the republican party who's sole goals and mission is the fiscal destruction of the entire world by spending many times the tax revenues using such dishonest tactics such as claiming "tax cuts lead to increased revenue" and "tax cuts are free if they are cut on the wealthiest people only" and "if we take ALL the money, then there will be more money to go around".

Time and time again they get proven wrong and instead they just send their sock puppets to places like slashdot to attack anyone who disagrees with them. They also infected our congress and shut down the government for a period in an attempt to commit domestic terrorism.

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