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Comment Re:Their app reads your contacts... (Score 1) 635

It doesn't matter if you share YOUR contacts or not.

Others will be dumb enough to share THEIRS.

Facebook, LinkedIn, other social networks - all that harvest email contacts have the same flaw. They are collecting YOUR information WITHOUT your permission whether you opt-in to sharing your contacts or not.

You'd have to use a separate phone, preferably a burner phone to even hope to keep FB from connecting the dots.

Plus, as others have pointed out, they also can use facial recognition and correlation of time and place, and common contacts. Plus they probably use some "AI" which makes it likely that even FB doesn't know exactly how they've made the connection.

Comment Re:Time to pass a law (Score 1) 36

Removable batteries doesn't solve the problem. It allows you to replace the battery more easily, IF it hasn't done a great deal of damage. And removable batteries don't prevent the battery from burning a hole in your pants.

I've had two minor battery incidents. A bulging 3rd-party battery in a Macbook. (I've sworn-off 3rd party batteries - except you can't get Apple branded ones for my ancient Macbook...) And an ARDrone battery that apparently popped in the charger and left a little scorch mark on the wall. Both were removable.

Comment Re:Parse (Score 1) 50

Yes, you can still use Parse, - if you got stuck with it- since Facebook open-sourced it. And there are companies that will sell you Parse PAAS at excessive prices - because they have a captive audience who got stuck.

I basically just ignored the client side

Smart move! Spooky Database Action At A Distance. Not good.

Comment Re:Meanwhile Apple (Score 1) 277

You forgot to complain about Android restarting your whole damn app whenever the user changes orientation.

You mean in Oreo, right? RLLY? WTF?

If you don't mean in Oreo, I guess it must be because I'm an NDK kinda guy. Because I can rotate the f*** out of my s***. But haven't tried Oreo. Yet.

Geez. You mean this?

Comment Big Red Button (Score 5, Funny) 765

"I pushed that big red button and it FUCKING NUKED NORTH KOREA!

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, why would anybody design such a piece of crap!

Fuck you, joint chiefs of staff!

Fuck you, football carrier!

Fuck you, Microsoft, or whoever designed that ugly piece-of-shit fat green-screen laptop!

Fuck you, Dr. Strangelove! How did we ever hire such a wacko? Nice salute, though! You should
have fixed that thing a long time ago! I saw the documentary!"

(Sorry, I'd meant to post this in ALL CAPS, but Slashdot needed to protect everyone from my YELLING...)

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