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Comment Hadoop is easly put to shame (Score 1) 150

I read a great article where one guy compared Hadoop to tools such as grep. I many fundamental ways he was able to use UNIX command line tools to wildly outperform Hadoop on what I would consider to be on the larger end of a typical company's data set.

To me Hadoop was the classic solution desperately in quest of a problem. The worst problem with that being so many people who jumped onto Hadoop and thought they were ass kickers for doing so.

The simple reality is that for most corporate datasets the tool of choice is a boring relational database and usually something like MySQL. The common capacity roadblocks aren't found within the tool but in the tool users.

But if you use a tool like Hadoop, or go NoSQL with a tool like MongoDB, you get to say (until people realize you are actually quite stupid) "my datastore is better than your datastore".

Comment Re:I seriously doubt this works... (Score 2) 142

Doesn't make as good an advertisement to the sucker investors. Zapped flash looks like unzapped flash. Unless it does something the sucker investors won't invest.

Think of the whole one-drop-of-blood exam. It played perfectly into the whole. "Why do you need to take so much?" question by non medical types.

Comment I already have a self destructing phone (Score 4, Funny) 142

Nearly every iPhone I have owned self destructed. The glass broke because it looked at it funny. The battery would become weak as a kitten because I abused it by actually charging and then using it. The touch sensor would start to ignore me. The sound regularly would go to crap. And with every OS upgrade on a slightly older model the phones would take another step toward the edge.

So, WOW, Apple gave me a free feature that I did even appreciate.

Comment Sorry Citation needed. Question not for this forum (Score 1) 477

Citation needed pretty much pisses me off. It makes sense that if someone writes an article about Clinton going to area 51 to meet the aliens we need at least a citation. But for so much more, not really.

But the one that sends me into a monitor punching rage is when I go to stack overflow and someone asks a solid and very useful "opinion" question and gets shut down with some crap about the question being not relevant to the forum or some crap. Asking for everyone's favourite cheese would not be appropriate. Asking for which is the best library for accessing bluetooth on a raspberry is. Or which is the best 3D modeling software for making models in Unity.

My simple litmus test of how badly stackoverflow is now failing us is that I would say that nearly 80% of the questions I am researching have some answers, but the discussion has been shutdown.

What is funny is that not one programmer that I know wants these shutdowns. Not a single one. And as for a "programming" question being more relevant. They go out of date as well. Ask how to convert a int to a string has probably changed in C++ two or more times in the last decade.

To be even more specific, I would say the general opinion questions are some of the most profound. For instance it is very nice to know if you have lost your Oracle database connection. But more importantly would be a question such as, "What is the best programming toolset for making portable iOS/Android games?"
I would read through the answers and maybe I would discover that Qt has brought up their game and is the best way, or someone might suggest different environments they tried and could suggest one for a first person, but another for the candy crush sorts. It is discussions like this that have profoundly changed what I do. It was right here on slashdot that I have discovered many interesting technologies such as who I use for hosting, who I use for domains, which IDE I use and even which languages I use. Needless to say these weren't asked in the format, "How do I print something to the screen in Visual Basic?"

Comment When your software is really an infection.. fail! (Score 1) 353

I use google docs. I do this through my browser. When I am not using google docs. It is not running on my computer. 365 starts out on most machines as bloatware that comes with the OS. Actually installing this slow pile of crap makes the computer waste time and energy when I am not using the software.

How about this Microsoft? When I am not using your pile of shit, how about not running that pile of shit 100 different ways in the background? I maybe use 365 once a month. Thus it should run.... let's all say it together..... once a month. Not all bloody month.

Comment Re:MS Office is in no win situation (Score 1) 353

In 365 I opened up the same document on two devices. The delay was just stupid. Maybe there was a setting I could have changed but why would the default for the setting be on stupid.

With GDocs two people editing the same document at the same time are almost at the same computer. I love seeing this on my phone; I make this kind of software but am still amazed every time it works.

Comment Make shitty software, get shitty results (Score 1) 353

I have almost entirely switched to Google docs. It does very little (which is all I need) and it does that very little very well. On occasion I have to open a word or excel doc and use 365 that was installed on my machine by IT. Every time it is a slog through stupid functions to get to the thing I need. Make a table, not right there. Formatting gone nuts again, oh well, CTRL-Z until I can try again. And so on

Or I can use Google docs and at no point does it get in my way. I don't lose things, I don't forget things, it just works.

When I was on Mac I used a document editor called Bean. Simply perfect. If it couldn't do it then I didn't want to do it, or I had a proper tool like Illustrator or InDesign.

I think the newest versions of Word are a classic example of a company listening to the "experts" who aren't the typical user. I am not suggesting that the experts be ignored, but that there be a basic simple editor for people like me who have a deep and unrelenting hatred of this ribbon crap, and an advanced editor for all those middle managers who love to generate TPS reports. There is probably even a cover-sheet versioning system.

Comment Re:no brains for you (Score 1) 51

I don't mean they have been catering to programmers for a long time. I left MS Windows over a decade ago because of your type of complaints. What I am seeing in the last couple of years is a massive turnaround. I think they realized that the future of the company is to to cater to programmers in a serious way and that actual customers would then follow.

I suspect they looked at what programmers really wanted to do as opposed to what they wanted to programmers to do and then realized they were only keeping the stupid ones.

You can now program for linux using Visual Studio. Or android, or iOS. It isn't perfect for the other platforms but it is getting better every month. Windows 10 will run on older hardware as well as many Linux installations. I would say that with the departure of Paul Allen, that the MBA attitude has left the building and that the technology one is back.

Comment PCs mostly for professionals, not for homes. (Score 1) 51

I think the concept of the "Home" computer has pretty much died. Students need something to do assignments, people working in offices need something for work. That is pretty much it. Then to make it worse, other than fashonistas and a much narrower group of professionals who need powerful computers there is only a tiny audience of gamers who need the latest and greatest.

Just about everyone else will direct their disposable technology budget to a kick ass new phone.

If you look at the needs of the average "home" user it would range from nothing to 10 year old laptop or $200 chromebook type thing.

So yes the bleed has stabilized and probably will remain this way for 5-10 years at least.

I suspect that this is why MS is catering to programmers. They are one of the bastions of professional users who also create products for other professional users. If they programmers all go to linux and mac then there is going to be a trend to more and more professional products on those platforms.

This is a huge breath of fresh air where Microsoft spent a huge amount of energy trying to turn programmers into .net enterprise sales people forcing the entire microsoft ecosystem down our throats. The useless programmers adopted .net and went to work for government and big companies. The real programmers went elsewhere.

Now the real programmers are sniffing around Visual Studio as it kicks some serious ass and is getting better every day.

Comment Paypal is One step above Nigerian Escrow services! (Score 1) 98

Why would any company that give half a crap about customer satisfaction do any deal with Paypal. My rule for paypal has been (when advising clients) is that you use paypal because your bank hates you and other services don't yet trust you. But as soon as you establish a good revenue stream and can show that you are real, dump paypal like the turd it is.

Comment How is this only coming to light? (Score 1) 205

A friend of mine worked with schitzos. The medical and government policy was to pile on the tobacco as they all knew it was mostly good for their condition. Even the schitzos knew this as they would do whatever the hell they could for more.

Is this the sort of science that wasn't done as it was so obvious that everyone assumed that it had already been done.

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