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Comment Did this with a Qt pro file and Visual Studio (Score 1) 765

I changed the files in a .pro file and visual studio simply deleted all the files that I didn't list in the pro file. Not three months, but nearly a day's work just gone. Maybe a heads up when I am deleting multiple files would be nice; and not some ambiguous message, but a clear listing of the files that will be shot.

Comment OK I have an AI in my hedge fund, how much damage? (Score 4, Insightful) 298

If my hedge fund(mythical) filled with people with zero ethics get their hands on a AI that will allow them to manipulate world markets, media, or world events to make them money, then they will do so.

With hindsight there are lots of places where the world turned out to me much more fragile than anyone thought until it snapped. How many times has the snap not happened but we came very close. Thus if you have a good AI at your beck and call to find these weaknesses and you are prepared to exploit them to make some money then how much more miserable would the world be?

I don't only worry about some skynet scenario, but I worry about giving tools to nitwits like hedge fund managers to make more money while not actually producing anything. One magical thing about making money with the first really good moneymaking AI is that you can then start hiring all the world's AI experts while making massive donations to universities to shut down their AI research. I doubt there is a university that wouldn't happily shut down their AI research for a billion or two.

Comment A) BS B)This is about privacy (Score 1) 285

I shut down apps because I don't trust that they aren't pulling crap in the background. For instance many apps don't give the option to not locate when in background and only give you the options to locate or not. Well, if this is a map app I am forced to allow the locate. But I don't want that little bastard reporting any crap when it is not front and center.

I hate that I have to use facebook messenger to communicate with certain people. I 100% do not trust that crap to run in the background and not pull some privacy raping stunt.

Then there is the BS factor. I suspect that some apps are totally quiet in the background. But other apps are most certainly doing crap. A simple example is my audiobook app is most definitely still doing stuff when I am on other apps; this is a good feature, but a clear and simple proof that an app can do stuff while "hidden". How many other apps are either doing something that I don't want; Or are just badly programmed and just wasting time and energy? If the answer is one or more, then I will continue to swipe up with great glee.

I have a strong suspicion that these useless turds of studies are being promoted by people who really really don't want us shutting down their apps.

A feature that I would love is that I could say without any app being able to stop me (SHUT THE BUGGER DOWN WHEN IN BACKGROUND) and by shut down I mean not a single bit of info goes in or out, and the app doesn't get a single CPU cycle.

Quite simply, why won't the vendors of phones give us the privacy control that I want. For instance, I would love to not only be able to block most apps from having any network access; but I would love to have a granular firewall. For instance my browser could go to sites, but can't go to google anything, for any reason.

Comment .50 caliber pistols will shoot a hole in the moon (Score 1) 605

I have fired one of these. When you are on the range and begin firing one of these, many of the other people will stop to come over and watch the massive cannon going off. Or they stop because they need to move away from the noise that is overwhelming their hearing protection.

These things will punch holes in metal plates. I am not sure there is a paper book in the world that would stop it. I would not be surprised if this could easily go through 3-5 phone books.

For those not familiar with guns, I wouldn't depend on a fairly thick book to stop a .22 caliber pistol which is one step up from a bb gun. It would probably stop it, probably.

That said, I need to go, there are some crazy people yelling each other and I need to film it for youtube.

Comment Ruby vs PHP (Score 1) 253

I love how the tech world has nearly non stop crapped on PHP but largely left Ruby alone. While I haven't used PHP in about 8 years, I do admire the fact that most websites that use it and then grow massively, then continue to use it. While most Ruby sites that I know of dump Ruby on Rails as they cross a certain size and just can't keep it working.

I can't comment on why this is, just that I have seen it at least a dozen times on sites where the company was crossing about the 5 million in value barrier. The three complaints of the people running the companies are: Can't get truly senior programmers who will touch Ruby. Progress pretty much stops as they fight more and more with their product as performance and new functionality dries up. And usually someone within the company starts using a whole other platform to start redoing chunks of their product with results that make them angry they are so much better.

On one note, the definition of "Senior Programmer" is not someone with many years of Ruby experience, but huge amounts of experience with massive projects. The key to the definition is not just time in the business but a proven track record of putting multi million dollar projects to bed over and over. If they mention Ruby they get no interest from these types, if they don't mention Ruby then these types bugger off when they hear Ruby. But when the prospect of hiring them to replace the Ruby with a whole new foundation, they are usually very interested.

A decade ago, Ruby was hip, It is not hip, it is often an indicator of a site built by people who have never managed a site much bigger than a sub 1 million dollar company's web site (a company where the website is the company that is).

But like any halfway workable language. It seems to work fine for basic, data in and out on a website type drudgery. Thus it won't just die as there are no doubt many 30 year olds with a decade of Ruby under their belts who will insist on using their singular hammer for the rest of their careers. VB is still a thing too.

With an industry perspective like that, I can see why Ruby is on the Ropes.

Comment Re:Creative Environments (Score 1) 117

I work with some women who have come from very repressive cultures. They love that they come to North America and the guys are crude as crap (in my professional work place), but not in any negative way to women. More the fart joke taken way too far crude. Whereas in their culture everyone was really polite while treating women like crap.

A stilted workplace simply can't be creative. But some people will take this opening the wrong way and it can be very hard to explain to them that crude does not equal mean.

Comment This isn't even vaguely new (Score 4, Interesting) 117

I have been in the tech world for more than 3 decades. I have also seen the VC scene in many places from big to podunk. I would say that the VC types that I meet come in 3 main flavours. Arrogant bean counters who know what is good for you. Arrogant assholes who think they are god. And Arrogant thieves who pretty much have to rip you off to make themselves feel better.

My favourite was at a recent tech talk by a woman (who gives government money to VCs) (Canada) who said that she won't give money if the founders make too much (over 100k) but that she was leaving government to become an advisor to a start-up that had recently raised around 5m. I asked her if she was only going to take 100k. She pretty much yelled at me that I had no understanding of the real world.

Her theory was that if you give the founders more than 100k in salary they become distracted spending it.

I was wondering how I could expose her in some way for the corruption she was displaying by working for a company she had just given government money to when I witnessed one of the tech people who had attended her talk, keying the living crap out of her car with the words, 100k over and over.

It was a brand new higher end BMW BTW. On a funny note, there is nothing funnier than some podunk tech "titan" who sells some company for 10-20 mil and starts giving TED style keynote speeches that are the tech equivalent of spiritual mumbo-jumbo while wearing clothing that they spent much time and money on trying to look really casual. The contrast with the person who usually gives a too long winded introduction and wears an ill-fitting off the rack suit just makes it all funnier.

Then all the desperate start-up types try their damnedest to "network" with the speaker who basically holds out their hand for their ring to be kissed.

I love how they play up their serial entrepreneur business creds when their actual history is: fail-fail-fail-fail-lottery-fail-fail-fail-fail.

Comment Getting away from these freaks is why I use NF (Score 1) 201

These losers have been imposing their will through advertisers and whatnot for decades. One of the huge benefits of using Netflix is that they don't appear to give a flying F to these "Moral Majority" freaks.

When are we going to finally start taxing religions and make these people dry up and blow away?

Comment I have seen so many unbacked up production DBs (Score 1) 418

It is scary how few companies backup their crap. I would be willing to bet that less than 30% of billion dollar companies (that really depend on their computers for day to day operations) could be back in operation in under 24 hours if they lost all their servers at once.

I wouldn't be surprised to find that a good percentage would be very screwed in the long term.

This is not only their data but the system as a whole. When I am consulting at most companies that are retiring servers I often suggest that they box them and put them in a safe place as a super emergency backup. The idea being that those servers are probably close to what they need to struggle along. This is after I have usually laid out a solid backup and disaster recovery plan. Seeing that most companies won't do a good backup then having some 2 year out of date servers might be better than nothing.

Comment I hate voicemail (Score 3, Funny) 210

I don't kind of hate voicemail but I really really hate it. With my provider I can't turn it off. So I have a voicemail saying, "Don't leave a voice mail." I got rid of a phone where I couldn't turn off the voicemail notifications.

Quite simply there should be a do not bother me law. Mail, phone, voicemail, or pretty much any government regulated resource that I have should not be available for people to market their crap. That includes charities and politicians.

I don't even want warnings. I turned on the weather warning texts that my local government offered and they basically spammed me with "Be prepared" or "There is a weather warning in a place so far away that I will never ever go there, ever." messages. I turned it off a day later. So if there is an alien invasion where they have guns that fire tornadoes, I still don't want a text or voicemail.

Comment I love OSS but GPL is for assholes (Score -1, Flamebait) 179

Open source is one of the greatest things to have happened in modern civilization. But people who push the GPL is are a bunch of douche-bag assholes. Stallman and his ilk don't do GPL so that their code can be free. But so they can have power over other coders. Often you will see GPL projects that "allow" a corporate license.

It is a nasty game they play. A GPL library will be "Standard" more and more until there really is no alternative. How is this any better than places like Microsoft?

Then the assholes will say, "Well if you don't like it then make your own library." The key here is that most of the people who probably contributed to the project didn't want it GPL but it was the only project in town.

I regularly have my company donate to many open source projects. These donations are pretty good (1-5k each) but we all fully agree that never in a million years would we donate to a GPL project or any over arching project ever.

Comment Oddly enough I see some assumptions bass-ackwards (Score 2) 274

I am around 50, I work with Computer Engineers (yes, with engineering degrees) with a typical age well under 30. They are some of the most conservative old school programmers I have worked with.

Happy with Python 2.6 because it was what they used last. Happy with C or C++ from the 90s. Unit testing... WTF is that good for? They pretty much live up to every stereotype of a 65 year old programmer.

Then it gets even better. They advocate a bastardized version of Agile when they are working on projects that are nearly a perfect fit for PMI style management. Yet they avoid innovation and change and actual agility like it is the bogeyman.

I have hived off a group of programmers who wanted to change (of mostly younger ages) and have my own dept that is now running circles around the bulk of the company. I am not sure what percentage of them want to come aboard, but it has hit a point where the old guard freak me out so much that I will probably only staff my department from new hires. (of any age as long as they are willing to innovate and grow as hard as they can)

Comment This is easy (Score 1) 123

Just make my existing things better. Noise cancelling headphones that actually cancel all noise. Not just background hums but ringtones, talking, airport announcements, etc.

Or make me an awesome mouse, or an awesome monitor, or something for my car, or pretty much anything.

But make it awesome for me, not awesome for Sony. For instance I got the Xperia phone with the 6 inch screen. In so many ways that phone was potentially great. Pictures in good light were great, screen was great, OS was responsive. But 16G of ram with the OS and the crap apps that I couldn't delete taking up most of that wasn't. I couldn't put most apps on the SD card, the phone would not let me have the control I wanted, such as blocking all apps from notifying me. For instance I don't want to know "What's New" I don't give a crap about what sony wanted me to know. I don't use voice mail and couldn't block the nearly non stop reminders that I had voicemail.

With a modest amount of small apps and a few pictures I was pretty much always at 85% full; and with 16G that 15% went fast.

I had a sony book reader and it couldn't read most formats. Back to the phone. The mapping app was always jerking around. The Gyros were pretty much always having a spasm attack; bluetooth was no fun at all. The battery was a microbe. It was complete crap. But the worst part was that it was 100% clear that Sony wasn't in my corner. They were more interested in appeasing the app makers and their own marketing department. Good job Sony. That might be the last product I will buy from you. But if you make things that are aimed to please. Such as noise cancelling headphones that don't do things "for my own protection" but really make the sounds from the outside world go away, then I will be back in spades.

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