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Comment Re:European Union flag (Score 2) 169

As an EU citizen you could try to change the institution.

Are you one of these scumbags paid by the European Parliament to troll on forums? Of course one can try though with the current system, it's doomed to failure.

BTW: France is part of the EU as much as Germany or the Netherlands, therefore it is only fair to summarize all these countries with the EU flag, just like US states are all summarized by the US flag. Yes we are not that one country as the US is, but it is very close.

This is not the united states of Europe. Nobody wants that in Europe (I mean, as in, the people doesn't want this, at least anymore). There's more and more sovereign movements raising, and they will get even stronger as time passes. So, it has never been, and never will be fair to replace the flags of individual countries (did you notice I didn't use the word state?) by the European flag.

Comment Re:Developers in Beijing, Summit in Hong Kong??? (Score 1) 42

Of course that will not work. Very few people who live and work in Beijing are going to fly down to Hong Kong to attend some stupid Summit. Hold the Summit in Beijing and you might have some impact and get some participation. Hold the summit in Hong Kong and you cut that to 1/10.

Ah, finally, a good post. Mod this up!!!

It's a 3 hour flight down and a 3 hour flight back, air tickets cost about 2 weeks worth of wages for the average IT guy.

There, you got it very wrong. The cheapest flight I can find on is about 2700 RMB (including air port taxes, one way). If you decide to go through Shengzhen (which is next to HongKong, connected with a very cheap train), it drops to 1300 RMB. A decent salary in the IT, and especially if you are able to work on Openstack, would be about 10 times this amount. So, that's probably half a week of work that we are talking about. That's affordable. Plus a lot of the Chinese OpenStack community is in Guanzhou. I agree it should have been in mainland for other reasons which you stated below (and facilities for such an event, in both Beijing and Shanghai, are much better as well)

And you need a special travel document which most people in China don't have, so they'll have to apply for it. And if you don't have a Beijing ID then Chinese people need a visa to travel to Hong Kong. And the hotels in Hong Kong are $100 minimum per night. Hotels in Beijing are as cheap as $25 per night.

Who planned this?

Comment Re:Motive? (Score 1) 42

I wonder how you heard about this WiFi story. Everyone uses pretty standard WPA2 over there. This might have been yet another thing that the government failed to impose.

As for the fragmentation, well, I don't believe this will happen. People in China just need to get their hands on OpenStack, and that's far from done. Yet, being able to fork is beyond what I think is possible.

Comment Re:what is OpenStack? (Score 2) 42

RedHat just announced their own OpenStack distribution, and several others like Canonical (Ubuntu), Nebula, StackOps, Piston, Rackspace, etc, they all have their own distributions of OpenStack.

You forgot about Debian. As the maintainer of the packages (working full time on them), I would really appreciate if you try to remember me! :)

They are all trying to make "easy" the installation and customization process.

...especially since I consider my packages the most easy ones to install (thanks to debconf things)!

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