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Comment Can someone explain why this scam works? (Score 1) 71

I can understand scaring people into buying fake anti-virus software. I've seen it happen on people at work where they assume its something IT installed on their machine. What I can't understand is how the people that peddle it get away with it. I mean... they trick you into buying their product.. which means they have to process money and deal with banks. Couldn't any law enforcement simple track where the money is going, grab the bad guys and just end it?

Comment Whose the psy-op (Score 1) 391

1) I'm pretty sure the military will be having their 'psy-ops' people making posts using pseudonyms on this article and any other related article on popular news sites with a comment system. 2) When they do that, it will also be an ethical violation. The military trying to influence civilians government officials is a big deal, regardless what some here think. Maybe some of you remember the 2008 story about the Pentagon coaching 'military analysts' to be supportive of the war efforts and then booking them on major television networks. Those are two stories the public found out about. How many more have we not? If US citizens are fed erroneous information and our military devotes military psychologist specializing in manipulation against our elected officials.. its just one more little step towards a military dictatorship.

Comment Kick ass (Score 1) 554

Hey, if this keeps my younger.. longer and adds 100 years to my life.. kick ass. You spend half your life figuring what the hell you are doing... then you spend the other half slowly withering away. I want Leslie Nielson back, dammit!

Comment Re:ha ha (Score 1) 466

I work at a newspaper. All work goes though a copy editor first, and usually a managing editor will take a glimpse at it. How someone so poorly written and controversial could accidentally get through the editorial staff is beyond me. Either this guy is incredibly free of oversight, or his editoral staff is lazy, or... they purposely put this out to create controversy and hopefully get more people to go watch the film.

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