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Comment This Just In! (Score 0) 257

Quantum theorists prove quantum theory. Say it only works when you aren't looking! Story at 11 -- but only if you observe it.

Practical applications will exist when people stop looking for them.

Duke Lacrosse team accused of quantum rape. Local woman says they "entangled" her from miles away. Rape kit both confirms and refutes claims, depending on who's observing it.

Comment Re:Ummm .... duh? (Score 1) 184

If you expect such ratings to 100% match your own opinion, you have an over inflated sense of self importance. ;-)

Is this your first day on the Internets? Turns out access to a constant stream of information and interaction actually makes us dumber, less perceptive people.

Or in XKCD terms: Someone is wrong on the Internet.

Comment Re:Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump? (Score 1, Interesting) 470

As a logical, thinking human being, I would take almost anyone other than Sanders. His entire campaign is a bunch of populist promises akin to Homer Simpson when he ran for Sanitation Commissioner. And don't presume the Democrats can't find some new darling like they did with Obama.

If Biden even has a chance at being elected president it is because everyone just wants to hear the insane shit he'll say.

Help us Gary Johnson. You're our only hope.

Comment Re: Weep for humanity. (Score 1) 375

Imagine people saving money while working hard when they can (20s-50) and never needing a pension if they did save money.

That is imaginary, not real. Most people in their 20s-50s go deep in debt to buy a house, own a car, educate their kids, etc. Their wealth is in the assets they own, not cash under a mattress. They do NOT benefit from deflation.

He is "imagining," not saying that is what happens. We go into debt because of the promise of a payout that will be far better than if we stuffed our deflationary mattresses. Which leads to his statement:

However, a slightly deflationary currency is very good for workers, and not so good for Governments who lose control over the populace through inflationary monetary policies.

Which, if I put on my tin foil hat, makes me believe that government -- not basic human greed -- propagated the Myth of Indefinite ROI after it worked so well for those who cashed in their equity in the 90s and early 00s.

Comment Re:Soon! (Score 1) 26

Soon I will be able to jack into the system with a nice planted wireless nub on the top of my head and an ethernet jack in my neck. I actually eagerly await this day and will subject myself to anyone qualified to test it out on me. I'd love to be jacked right into the internet. It would be awesome.

Right? All that talk of "jackin' in" for the last 30 years, and all we have managed is jackin' off.

And while we're at it, can the internet be changed to a visualization of flying through blinking skyscrapers at night?

Comment Buzzwords (Score 1) 307

...Michael Godsey writes, "The way in which certain instructional trends — education buzzwords like "collaborative learning" and "project-based learning" and "flipped classrooms"...

Can we add "introvert" to the list of buzzwords? I'm tired of hearing it.

Comment Re:Why just pharmaceuticals? (Score 1) 70

Not just medical insurance companies. But that will come when wearing of these devices are made mandatory, probably an argument along the lines of "well only terrorists *wouldn't* wear them"

You say that like the edict will come from the right wing, and that may be a popular belief. But the left is the party that voted to mandate health insurance, and people went along with it because, a) they believed the "it's for the good of everyone that everyone have insurance" line; and/or, b) they accepted it because it came from their side. Granted, the established left and right in the United States is basically the softest game of tug-o-war in history; however, it seems to me that the "Fitbit Mandate" will come shrouded as "it's for the good of everyone that everyone have a Fitbit" rather than "The Gestapo says you will wear a Fitbit."

People wouldn't willingly concede even more freedoms to wear these things, you say? Yeah... right.

Sadly/Generally, the average person will follow along with what their chosen Party says they should do.

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