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Comment Re:woo! (Score 1) 190

"Why not?"

Because if I did I'd be one of those self-diagnosed idiots, besides the fact that I don't require any special help, I function just fine on my own, what's the point in calling yourself aspie unless you're asking for help? Help is something I most certainly do not want.

Comment Re:woo! (Score 1) 190

haha, if I stared at my girlfriend like a dead cow all the time due to how extra-ordinarily un-expressionate I am, she just knows that that's how I am,, just the same as how I don't make a big deal of the fact that she doesn't often look me in the eye, as I know she's always found eye contact uncomfortable. You'd think people would get a decent grasp of each other's personalities before getting wed.

Everyone's born neurologically different, I can't say I believe in laying into anyone for being who they are even if it's not classified as a disorder, either way in your hypothetical bizzaro-world scenario the couple would benefit most from some marriage counselling first and foremost, not an aspie diagnosis and an excuse of "I'm emotionally dead because I'm aspie". never mind the fact that aspergers doesn't prevent you specifically from opening up like that, my girlfriend has a rather extreme form of it and emotionally opens up to me with ease, infact she's incredibly emotionally needy sometimes.

I don't think aspergers should be used as a crux to explain narrow symptoms, according to the diagnostic requirements a wide variety of symptoms need to be observed not just "coldness to one's spouse", This clearly isn't always the case in practice though, I know one boy who got diagnosed by a speech therapist simply due to the way he talks (a little flat).

My original point was just that anything that aids the diagnostic process can only be a good thing, obviously this scan is only useful in conjunction with other evidence but it'll help make things clearer than merely the opinions of a psychiatrist alone. A lot of people use the diagnosis as a excuse and I just don't think that's healthy when they're pretty much normal.

Comment woo! (Score 2, Insightful) 190

I can only see this as a good thing, I'm on a compsci course and as you'd expect it seems like a good third of the people there claim to have aspergers, most of those seem fairly typical and reasonably socially functional. I'd be *highly* interested to see what this test reveals about them. This isn't to say I don't believe in the condition, I know plenty who have it and exhibit obvious major behavioural patterns and have actual issues with such things, I for one just suspect it's *way* over diagnosed, hell a number of psychiatrists have called me "aspie" after 5 minutes of talking to me, I certainly don't buy it. I just hope this sort of screening will help people who actually need help get the care they need and de-clog the system of hypochondriac nerds who want to feel special.

Australia Gets Its First Female Prime Minister 419

An anonymous reader writes "Julia Gillard has been elected unopposed to the Labor leadership, seizing power in a bloodless Parliament House coup after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd decided not to contest this morning's leadership ballot. Ms. Gillard will now be sworn in as Australia's first female prime minister. Emerging from this morning's meeting, she said she felt 'very honored' and said she would be making a statement shortly. Treasurer Wayne Swan now steps up as deputy prime minister. He was also elected unopposed."

Comment Re:About time (Score 5, Insightful) 494

Having been a victim of such harassment in the past myself I agree wholeheartedly, I reported it to the police however they fairly resoundingly didn't appear to give a toss.

Given how common it is for one's name to be googled by others these days online harassment can be every bit as damaging as real life harassment, it caused me quite serious upset for some months. This wasn't merely some childish dispute but an ex looking for revenge over every medium possible, creating profiles on facebook, bebo, myspace and various other websites with the specific intent of causing me as much damage as possible.

While I'm in no means in favour of putting the internet under any form of state control this sort of activity warrants police attention and needs to be against the law. It strikes me as insane that so much focus is put on policing the internet to stop file sharers as opposed to protecting the individual.

Comment Re:Finally... (Score 1) 123

I discovered this with sonic 1, though couldn't care less as the game wasn't actually all that difficult to beat properly without cheating.

What I found rather interesting was that with the game sonic 3d (and I vaguely recall this working with at least one other cart) if you gave the cartridge a good tab on the front of the game it took one directly to the cheat menu.

Was this a deliberate thing or just a handy fluke? It was discovered by a friend of mine who gave the console a thump after a fit of rage induced by a rather agrivating volcanic valley boss fight, his anger was promptly defused by the situation!

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 2, Insightful) 386

"attempt"? It's not generally voluntary IME, I simply can't take my mind off any background stimulus while attempting to focus on something, background conversations, radio, television, a clatter of someone elses keyboard, I can't stop my focus drifting to all of them when I'm not medicated. Multitasking is indeed hugely overrated if it was practical ADD/ADHD wouldn't be considered medical conditions.

Comment Re:we need to end drug prohibition (Score 2, Informative) 640

Just because someone "does drugs" doesn't mean they chainsmoke spiffs and shoot up every day and smoke crack on weekends. Most of my friends that partake in such things (usually MDMA, LSD, shrooms, that sort of thing) do them once every month, some less often.

There are plenty of non addictive drugs that one can do without alerting anyone in the privacy of one's own home that don't significantly impact your life. You can never know who does and who does not do drugs, though I would place high likelihood on your neighbours not being drug dependant, it's entirely possible to be "reasonable" and take drugs every now and then just like it's possible to drink or smoke and still be socially acceptable in your world view.

Not all drugs require paraphernalia, not all drugs are addictive and not all drug users are obvious about such things.

Comment Re:The buyers... (Score 1, Informative) 85

Clearly you have never played on xbox live, 10 minutes of a moronic 8 year out shouting "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER" only ever interrupted by a cry demanding milk/cookies from their mother every now and then.

The majority of xbox live players are morons that only care about one upping their friends so they look cool, they just fail to realise that their actions merely have the complete opposite effect.

Comment Shockingly sensible (Score 2, Insightful) 126

Despite being incredibly skeptical of such substitutes for a first life this does seem like a ridiculously good idea for filling such a gap in education given what a leap it must be between classroom knowledge and actually dealing with real world patients.

I must admit that I'm just utterly amazed that someone's actually thought of a way to use second life that isn't utterly futile and useless.

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