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Comment Re:motivation (Score 3, Insightful) 124

Consumers of content should also be able to choose any lawful mechanism to enjoy the intellectual property that they've paid for, and DRM interfers with that. In particular, when it prevents fair use, which is instituted by the very same law that defines the existence of intellectual property, DRM is as illegal as unauthorized copying.

Comment Re: "security questions" bite us again (Score 1) 79

They will do none of the two. Typically, they will send to you by email a single-use and time-limited token. You are supposed to connect to the website via https, enter the token, and usually you will be asked a security question as a proof of your identity. After that, you'll be able to set a new password to replace the forgotten one. No unencrypted password will ever travel by email.

Comment Maybe I'm getting too old... (Score 2) 632

It seems that technology is little by little erasing every daily occasion of interaction with other humans that we still have. I don't want to sound like a luddite, but I must admit that I'm a bit worried that in the long run this process is going to make humans less and less able to interact with each other; which is a problem, because in the end we are social animals, we literally die without some form of exchange with other members of our species.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 548

The natural relation between 2^20, 2^30 and *memory* size lies in addressing it by digital wires, which is how computer work, and which is why contrary to your statement persistent storage devices such as ROMs and flash memory will of course have block sizes that are powers of two.
Even storage mediums that don't employ a power-of-two block size internally, will often carry power-of-two payloads for the user, because to be useful, the stored data will have to be loaded into a RAM chip at some point, and there it will once again find its natural relation with power of twos (it's not like you can't have a non-power-of-two block size, but you would incur at runtime into a waste of storage space and/or impaired performance, and end up working with non-natural units as a bonus).
I agree with you in the fact that nowadays end users no longer care about the exact block count of their devices (why, on the PC everyone was happy calling the 1.4 MiB floppies as "1.44", and the difference was noteworthy back then!) so perhaps OSes should employ power-of-ten units for user-friendly displays. Plus, that would match the units used for network transfer, which historically have never been based on power of twos. Then again, you should also say in the case of lumber "7.62 cm by 10.16 cm" instead of "three-by-four", as inches are asinine units and have no natural relation with physics ;-) .
United Kingdom

Theresa May Loses Overall Majority In UK Parliament (cnn.com) 493

Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain has lost her overall majority in Parliament on Thursday, plunging Britain into a period of renewed political chaos less than two weeks before it is scheduled to begin negotiations over withdrawing from the European Union. While May's Conservative party won the most seats, the party didn't win enough to govern without the support of minority parties. CNN reports: It was devastating result for May, who had called the election three years earlier than required by law, convinced by opinion polls that placed her far ahead of opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. The result also plunges Britain into a period of renewed political chaos, with Brexit talks likely to be delayed and May's personal authority shredded. There was already talk in Conservative circles that she might have to resign, less than a year after taking over from David Cameron, who resigned following the Brexit referendum. The pound fell on currency markets in the wake of the results. After the result was declared in her constituency of Maidenhead, May gave a faltering speech. "At this time more than anything else, this country needs a period of stability," she said, suggesting she would attempt to form a government even if her party loses its majority. Corbyn said the early results showed May had lost her mandate and called for her to resign. Further reading: New York Times

Comment Re:We have "selected platforms" without standards (Score 3, Interesting) 207

But EME are not a standardized form of DRM. With EME you don't get a standard platform that anyone can implement in order to watch DRM-protected media. EME is a standardization of HTML hooks that allow portions of a web page to be decoded by a closed source, proprietary, non standardized binary plugin, that the content provider will choose. The difference from the past is that before EME, publishers would force you to install their proprietary plugin. With EME, they'll force you to use the proprietary browser (Chrome) or operating system (Android) that they think will prevent you from downloading their stuff. It's arguably even worse than the Sony rootkit, because you can be forced to use an operating system that has no root access for you but is safe for them. And since the proprietary plugin will not even need to be installed, because it will most probably come built-in with the browser or the OS, content providers will have even less disincentive to make use of it.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Web Comic 'Pokey The Penguin' Celebrates Its 19th Anniversary (twitter.com) 67

It's one of the longest-running comics on the internet. (Slashdot is approaching its 20th anniversary, and in its first year ran two stories about Pokey.) Open source developer Steve Havelka of Portland, Oregon created the truly bizarre strip back in 1998 -- one legend says it was originally a parody of another comic drawn with Microsoft Paint -- and he's since sporadically cranked out 637 strips.

Since 2010 he's also been publishing the cartoons in printed books, and this year launched an equally surreal page on Patreon identifying himself as "Steve Havelka, THE AUTHORS of Pokey the Penguin," offering supporters a "mystery item in the mail". Pokey has lots of fans -- he earned a shout-out in the videogame Hitman: Blood Money -- and very-long-time Slashdot reader 198348726583297634 informs us that on this 19th anniversary Pokey "is celebrating on Twitter!" where he's apparently accosting other web cartoonists and touting a new birthday strip. (Not to be confused with that truly horrible Pokey-goes-to-a-party movie created in Adobe Flash.)

I'd like to hear from any Slashdot readers who remember Pokey the Penguin -- but I'm also curious to hear from Slashdot readers who have never read the strip. ComixTalk called it "one of those webcomics that really only exist because of the Internet -- it would be hard to see something like this in any other medium... there's just something about Pokey the Penguin that fits online."

Comment Re:Troll? (Score 3, Insightful) 271

Globalization is causing the lowering of wages, and it won't stop until the poorest country becomes as rich as the richest one. Economists say that it's a good thing and that it can't be stopped, and the average slashdot reader does too, at least as long as it's not his job sector that gets affected.

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