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Comment I thought you needed a warrant? (Score 1) 258

"There is no confidentiality left on the Internet if this ruling stands," said James Stribopoulos, a law professor.

I just can't believe this. I thought in the US you have to have a warrant to get an IP address info on subscribers. It is crazy dealing with traffic with savvy users, much less dealing with the people that change them, black hole them, then trace them again. I wouldn't want to have that job, it sounds exhausting.

It's sounds like the government is tired of playing cat and mouse to me with this kind of legislation put in place it will elevate some of the pressure I guess. Maybe they are trying to just clean up the internet, nab people. I read the first article so far.

Comment Re:Won't they ever learn? (Score 1) 73

I actually don't believe that. Some cats are receptive to training. Some cats can be toilet trained, trained to use a leash, jump through hoops. I think the younger the cat is the more of a chance you have to train them with treats to do these things, but it depends on the personality of the cat. I didn't know in Scotland that black cats were considered lucky, I have had two all black cats so far and they make really nice pets. They love to hunt and leave their carnage on your back steps or patios, at least the two black cats I had. I had a nice fenced in garden for one of them to roam in, so he spent a lot of time outdoors, so I was lucky he didn't leave my yard, but he killed a lot of birds and moles, even sometimes small rabbits etc. Moggies are beautiful, I think the PR thing is a little silly, but it would probably make the people passing by remember the game. This article makes me miss my cats.

Comment Re:WHAT ?? (Score 1) 183

Maybe if NASA decides to ever ask the Russians to get involved they will go to both Titan and Europa. I think the Russians are more into space tourism and building stations. I just think the average person would be more excited about space tourism than how Titan and Europa were created. It won't happen for another 10+ years according to the article anyway. I would assume that would give them enough time to take more pictures. I am not sure what the time frame is for the pictures to come back from those distances. Europa is closer, so I would assume it would be easier to make the trip there. Forward my link below if you can read it. I can, I thought it was funny Mr. or Ms. Geolegy and Bioligy. :)

If yuo can raed tihs, you hvae a sgtrane mnid, too. Can you raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

Comment Re:WHAT ?? (Score 2, Interesting) 183

Maybe the basis for life is out there, dirt, frozen water maybe. Every time I look at pictures of places like Titan or Europa it makes me a little sad because they are barren wastelands. The problem is the planets have to have there orbits changed, defrosted and maybe life will happen. I can't imagine we will ever be able to successfully move a planet in the first place, then see if it can sustain life in the second place. It seems like a huge impossibility to me that that will ever happen. It seems more practical to put money into space stations and space tourism.

"It would be a pretty big waste of space."- Carl Sagan

Comment Re:Interesting people with my name (Score 1) 234

I doubt anyone would really cyber stalk me from here, more cyber annoy me to the point of kicking their ass so I think I am fine. The people on here would most likely send me grandma or lesbian porn spam because they think they are funny. They also might create a fake profile to befriend me or my boyfriend at the time to play email games. Another tactic a Slashdot type might take would be to break into my AIM account and write stupid crap and pretend to be me and generally embarrass the heck out of me. That is Slashdot's speed pretty much.

Nobody in their right mind would want my identity, I have shit credit after widowhood, I buy everything with cash. If someone tried to steal my credit life they would be SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED.

I am uncomfortable about the general public having my mortgage information though, I think that should be more personal, but it isn't.

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