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Comment Re:I see (Score 1) 461

Electricity consumption ensures that it cannot be created without cost, thereby preventing anyone from artificially increasing the supply. Those who own a currency prefer this. Those who do not own a currency, and would like to AWARD themselves the currency through some unearned mechanism dislike this feature of bitcoin.

ASIC mining reduced the electric costs of bitcoin mining. We don't know what the future will hold, other than increased transistor density.

The striking of physical coins made from precious metals has a much more reliable history of discouraging runaway inflation.


Comment Re:Everyone is getting an MBA (Score 4, Interesting) 268

That's the position that I find myself facing. I have a MS in a technical field but in order to advance my career, I'm looking at having to get an MBA that will only open career paths that I don't really want.

I prefer to remain technical but there's a ceiling that's difficult to break through without going that route.


Comment Terrible Idea (Score 1) 299

You can't trust the same eyes that made the mistake to catch it.

It's not even a matter of being ethical or scrupulous, it's a limitation of awareness. A developer who coded a logical mistake could be situationally blind to it.

Let someone else do it.


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