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Comment Re: For once (Score 1) 175

When I went to court, the officer who cited me didn't even show up and nether did anyone from the towing company. The judge just called my name and when I stepped up, he issued his ruling.

I'll say it here since they can't have this scrubbed like they did my negative Yelp review.

McGann and Chester is the company that towed and impounded my car.
The company, McGann and Chester, is a bunch of scam artists.
McGann and Chester colludes with the Pittsburgh Police Department to extort money from innocent motorists.
I'll never call McGann and Chester for roadside assistance.
If AAA sends McGann and Chester, I'll demand a different company.
No one should ever call McGann and Chester for any reason, ever.


Comment Re:For once (Score 1) 175

Lawyers say to not bother fighting tickets, and if you (or at least I) show up with evidence, it will be cursory looked at and ignored.

I have experienced this. I was towed for allegedly parking too close to a fire hydrant. I showed up in court with photographs of the area to show how I couldn't possibly have done what they accused me of doing but the judge just didn't care. He reduced my fine by $20 and sent me on my way. He stated the charge, asked me if I was pleading not guilty and without hearing any evidence started to declare his ruling. I interrupted him by saying that I had photographs of the area and an explanation as to how it wasn't possible. He looked at my pictures for approximately 4 seconds before continuing with the finding as if I hadn't even been there.

The only way it could have possibly been more obvious that it was only about money would have been if the judge had said so explicitly.


Comment Re:Can we stop caring about this? (Score 1) 253

Free speech does not extend the the encouragement, endorsement, or threat of acts of violence.

Sure it does. For example, if someone were giving a speech to a political rally and said "I think that all of the #minority# should be rounded up and shot." that would be protected free speech.

If the same person at the same rally were to say "Hey, see that guy over there! He's a #minority# go grab him and shoot him in the head!", that would not be protected free speech. That would be an act of criminal solicitation or perhaps even inducement.


Comment Re: Capacity or Cost? (Score 1) 237

That's the purpose of the pension. It was intended to be golden handcuffs, to keep experienced and knowledgeable employees with you. I have a co-worker who has been here for 40 years and this guy knows where all of the bodies are buried.

Unfortunately, it also means that there are employees who will do just enough to keep from getting fired until they can cash in.


Comment Re:easy to clip this on to a bill banning burner p (Score 1) 389

I would suspect that it has something to do with the fact that there are numbers that are accurately expressed as fractions that can only be approximated as decimals.

1/3 is an example of what I mean by that.

I also happen to think that for some calculations, it's easier to get a mental picture of a fraction than a decimal number. 70% is more intuitive to me than 7/10.

When fractions make sense to me, I use fractions. When decimals make sense to me, I use decimals.


Comment This might be defensive (Score 1) 465

Amazon might have pursued this patent to keep Best Buy and Staples from using the tech.

Amazon is where people go to compare prices. I have stood in a Best Buy or Barnes and Noble and checked the cost of something on Amazon. If the difference is great enough, I'll buy from Amazon instead.

Big retailers know that a lot of people do this or just go showrooming to physically see a product that they have always intended to buy online from Amazon.


Comment Only the commercial monetization is new (Score 0) 175

This has been going on for a very long time. I first became aware of it back in the 1990s.

I only noticed because I was not in the "mainstream" of political thought and I noticed how news coverage was shaping public perception.

I can respect that these people are wrestling this power from the hands of media conglomerates and making it a commercial service.


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