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Comment Re:Soviets have no style (Score 0) 198

I devices are rather shitty, your relying on apple to get security right and what ive read...they didnt do it.

GO TO FAIL is a good example.

This way Russia gets to use there own OS...If i was a dictator oppressing a country i wouldnt use a I device to do it either...leave I devices to the apple fan boys and enjoy it, competition is a good thing but i wouldnt use a ipad even if it was free (id give it to my kid)

Comment your blind (Score 1) 275

Sorry buddy, but if you think that Obama is the center of all the problems your not seeing the big picture. It doesnt matter who the president is, the system is setup the way it is and one president will be the same as the other.

Since congress is landlocked in this crazy congressional drawn district and many of them are only challenged by even crazier people, the real problem is there.

In the end, this president, the former president and the next few presidents, plus the congress, supreme court and pretty much are entire government will go down as the worse of all time....but i would like to say, your singularly focus on one person means you will do nothing to help stop it because your fantasy land thinks that the president you vote for next time will fix it, but he/she wont..even if by some fucking miracle you get someone who truly wants to change it, you still got 435 idiots in one chamber, 60 idiots in another, then 9 idiots who are looking at them and paving the way for more stupid behavior (supreme court)

Comment Re:Has this been a large problem? (Score 3, Insightful) 256

i could think of quite a bit of problems that a 'couple of right hooks' would solve

Now that i think about it, whats the point of any law anyways? it should all be social justice, mob rule thats what i say, fuck the goverment. People in general should be allowed to just decide at any given moment what is a fair punishment and if somone is guilty or not, facts, evidence, fair trail...all that is just pointless when anyone can just look at a moment in a situation and just know what to do. couple of right hooks, maybe blow his brains out, or burn him...all these things can just be decided by whoever is around at the moment of emotional impulse

Ya...i totally like your idea

Comment Re:This is what libertarians think (Score 1) 405

I think your 'free market' will never come to be, human behavior works against such markets.

Now that i think about it, your 'free market' is so vague and full of fantasy that anyone could apply it to what they consider 'free market'. Of course that itself is a free market, let everyone do anything, but of course human behavior will work against that and what ends up being a free market one day will end up being a monopoly the next. Free market needs government intervention, but thats not a free market....and so we come full circle.

In the end im not sure if you are being sarcastic or real, because frankly neither would surprise me and this could go either way, but the idea of a true free market is simply a impossibility.

Comment Ahh yes, critical thinking (Score 1) 770

Critical thinking requires observation of opinion and fact, of weighing evidence presented in front you in a unbiased way. If this was a critical thinking class they would teach both sides then give evidence of both sides and have the children decide which is more plausible. I doubt creationism have much going for it, unlike the earth being billions of years old (carbon dating) and theory of evolution (super bugs)

This isnt for critical thinking, this is to teach our kids the exact opposite of critical thinking, this is to teach kids how to blindly follow any stupid idea someone throws at them....i guess it makes sense parents like this want there kids to be like this.

Comment Re:By all means (Score 1) 165

he thinks bitcoins are more anonymous then dollars, its a common misunderstanding, infact bitcoin is completely traceable. Every transaction that has ever happened, has been recorded and can be audited. Unlike dollars....

However, bitcoins can be tumbled and they lose track of who owned what coins because all the coins are spread among a bunch of people.

Comment Re:I like the idea (Score 1) 165

Each bit coin can be divided down to 100,000,000 satoshis. the whole transfer process is based on 100,000,000 satoshis, so when you get one bitcoin you, the backend process it as 100 million satoshis.

Payment fee can also scale, and can even be put manually in the miner i believe, or its capable of doing so and hasnt been implemented yet (bitcoin protocol is full of shit you can do)

From your two very wrong remarks, i would presume that you have little knowledge of bitcoin, and unfortunately your spreading misinformation that people are catching up on (this is the top post from my settings)

To redeem yourself to the mighty bitcoin god, you must first say 'praise bitcoin' 100 times (for brownie points, say it in public outloud), then type in bitcoin into google and read 5 articles relating to how bitcoin works. If you dont care about the god, then just read one good article on how bitcoin works or watch a podcast, shit its the internet, facts are there...find them before you join in a discussion

Comment Re:This is the problem with religious people. (Score 1) 903

Ya the church when it ran the world, it burnt people, caused massive wars and millions died a year. People starved, jailed and instead of a constitution full of relevance, they used a 2000 year old book with no facts in it what so ever. I dont see how i am saying i want the goverment to have more power then the church..im saying that the church shouldnt be able to 1. dictate what employees do with there compensation, 2. Tell health insurance company's what they can and cannot cover. 3. Impose yet again some strange morale guidelines that nobody realy even follows (even females in the church dont follow that one)

When i said "They could just pay the fine and force employees to get heath insurance from the exchanges and BOOM..its out of there hands" i was given a simple fact away from there self created problem, I never said that i agreed or disagreed with exchanges, i simply pointed a way they could both feel they are still morally superior (even though they are not) and employees still get to keep there freedom of using birthcontrol.

Seems to me this is just one more way the church is trying to fill its biblical role and make sure women are homemakers and subservient to the male society. men can have sex whenver they want and have little to no consquences, even if they impregnate the female. The female however, at least the way the church is trying make it, cant have sex without a big chance of getting pregnant and having her life utterly changed and any goals destroyed.

So i am advocating fairness, if women want to have sex (and i want them to want to have sex) then they should always be allowed to, and birthcontroll allows that freedom.

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