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Comment Re:*sighs* (Score 1) 333

Okay, so, you think overrepresenation is a bad thing, now?

Nope. I didn't say that.

What I was saying is madewithcode appears sexist. I don't know if you were deliberately conflating madewithcode and in order to strengthen your attack on the AC you responded to, but you asked someone to describe the sexism. I'd say the total exclusion of males on their site is prima facie a deliberate and sexist decision on their part.

If that's who they are, if they want to be in the business of supporting girls - and only girls, that's fine with me. But nobody should pretend to be surprised by an accusation of double standards

Comment Re:*sighs* (Score 5, Insightful) 333

I'd like you to explicitly describe the sexism you are imaging exists in madewithcode, because you guys almost never do any research before opening your defensive little mouths.

Huh? how is madewithcode NOT sexist? Hit and then hit all of the top-level links. Lots of pictures of people. Not one guy. MENTORS showcases 5 people, all girls. MAKERS showcases 5 people, all girls. COMMUNITY has one image of 4 people, all girls.

Maybe you just meant - in which case maybe you're right, but madewithcode is clearly designed for girls and only girls.

Comment Re:Waaah. (Score 1) 338

Actually, most of the Americans I know who don't care that much about coffee flavor seem to have moved on from "coffee pots" into the world of single-serving wasteful expensive options like K-cups, which are effectively an "electric kettle" combined with a pump. I feel like in the past few years, when I'm visiting someone, that's often the option I'm given for coffee -- either a French press (for coffee fanatics), or "you can choose whatever flavor you want because we have a Keurig." (I can understand the convenience, but the per-cup cost is insane -- it often comes out to greater than $50 per pound, often for pretty cheap crappy ground coffee.)

Maybe if you're buying then from Starbucks, but Costco sells them for about $0.38 each. Hard to figure the per-pound cost but it's nowhere near $50. Also by my reckoning, the "beans-per-cup" of the single-serving machines is way lower than a drip machine or french press; that's got to be worth something, if you're trying to be responsible in a global sense. The machine makes passable coffee. It's quick and efficient and rarely needs any attention besides an occasional descaling. Some people will turn up their noses at it, and yeah, I'd prefer to use a french press, but that's a luxury I don't ordinarily have time for.

Comment Fark already defies internet culture. (Score 5, Interesting) 748

A lot of things run counter to typical internet culture on Fark. You can't even curse on that site. It has moved away from porn. People actually pay for membership. They do IRL meetups almost every week somewhere in the world. They've been pretty successful at banning memes in the past.

I find it more witty than harsh.

Comment Re:Sure, but (Score 1) 519

There is a right to a quality education In CA's constitution. Also there must not be disparities between rich and poor, black and white, etc.

The lawsuit claimed that poor, minority students were disproportionately damaged by last-in first-out layoffs and early teacher tenure because newer teachers will take jobs in low income schools. So when they have to cut heads district-wide, poor schools get hit hardest. They can't lay off the worst teacher in the district, only the newest one.

The plaintiffs pounded home the message that ineffective teachers harm students, and ineffective teachers are prohibitively hard to dismiss due to 5 specific job-protections enshrined in CA law, and poor students are much more likely to be stuck with an ineffective teacher.

Comment Re:War of government against people? (Score 1) 875

Violent crime is less than half what it was 20 years ago. And even less compared to 30 years ago.

I wouldn't argue with your points - or even your conclusion, but it should be noted that that same time period also coincides with the wide adoption of 3-strikes sentencing laws

California's murders peaked at 4096 in 1993. 3-strikes passed in 1994 and the murder rate has dropped almost every year since. It's now less than half what it was before 1884 in 2012.

Comment Re:Questionable at best (Score 1) 138

The causes of obesity are a multitude of factors. This article makes an overly simplistic suggestion that sleeping in a darker room will magically help one shed weight

claim of correlation != claim of causation. The article and the researcher were pretty careful on that point.

"But there is not sufficient evidence to know if making your room darker would make any difference to your weight. "There might be other explanations for the association, but the findings are intriguing enough to warrant further scientific investigation."

Comment Re:Can I have a pinch of salt with that (Score 1) 288

So joke all you want, those that do make it to US are rather smart and hard working.

sorry, not my experience at all (20+ years in the bay area and I have tons of experience with indians). they THINK they are good, but the code quality, design quality and attention to detail is far below par.

As an American working in a company with a half Indian workforce, both onshore and off, my experience is exactly what the gp says. The workers who made it to the US were much more capable than the offshore team. I chalked it up to the fact that the obstacles to emigrating went a long way towards selecting for the more intelligent/motivated/organized. At the very least they needed to convince someone to sponsor their H1b. The sponsor takes a sizable risk so they tend to choose carefully.

One of the things I experienced when I first started working with them was an uneasy sense of "If they're all this good and there are tens of millions of them waiting in the wings, we're all doomed in this profession". I'm a reasonably good programmer, but this level of competition is going to burn me out.

Fortunately, working with the offshore team put my fears to rest. Nobody in the company had a lot of faith in the offshore team.

Comment Re:selective enforcement at it's finest. (Score 2) 325

Manning your post in a ship under fire is not heroic. You get trained to do it, failing to stay at your post would be the thing worthy of a title, not merely 'doing your job'.

What are you, Sergeant Slaughter? Being trained to do a job doesn't take away your fear. When doing your job involves facing enemy fire in defense of your country then simply not running away is a heroic act.

Comment Re:Get rid of it. (Score 1) 1106

And what if your friends are broke too and your church is made up of other people who are also broke? This is hardly hypothetical: If you go into poor neighborhoods, you'll find churches that can barely afford to keep their lights on, and in some cases pastors who do the job on a volunteer basis. Also, how much better is "Work or belong to a church or die" versus "Work or die"? How about if the only available source of charity was a local mosque, and they said that they'd only help you if you converted to Islam, are you still happy with this solution?

Another way of thinking about it: Why is it that 15-year-old girls in Indonesia are willing to work in sweatshops for $0.34 per hour making Nike sneakers 15 hours a day? Do you seriously think that those girls are doing that because they have other viable options?

So nowhere did I say that things are perfect. However, I do believe that forced "charity" is evil. If governments were truly able to target just people like in your more rare hypothetical situation, I would have less of a problem with that. But it's not how things happen; instead, things get so entrenched because the people that keep voting for systems, such as minimum wage increases and gross welfare systems, are the same people who pay zero taxes! Why wouldn't they want to keep this system going so that they have to work very little or not at all? Second, it's easy just to assume that because a government "does something" versus leaving things up to truly caring individuals, entities and communities that things are getting better for these people. I submit, and there's plenty of studies to back me on this, that governments make it worse when they do more than just a little to help people. They create a crony, perpetual system that keeps the poor in more bondage to a broken system than if they were stuck in your sweatshop example. I challenge you to name a government program that's truly helped people without hurting anybody else. There are very few, if any. Governments transfer pain, they never make everybody better off at the same time.

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