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Comment 3DS are smaller than the DSiXL (Score 1) 83

I was looking at the 3DS and was very surprised how it is smaller than a DSiXL. 3DS is the size of a DSi regular. The only new feature is that it has 3D without a glasses which in my mind means that it is blurry and you need to look at it carefully from one direction, maybe this is not the case but it is smaller than the current lastest greatest. I thought new models are supposed to be getting better not worst.

Probably not going to run right out and get one of these.

Comment Re:Not pointless.. (Score 1) 120

It has been very hard in the past for members of the deceased to close down their social networking accounts, or even post a message with the funeral information. This law should give them the ability to manage the accounts accordingly.

Yes but..maybe Facebook should be more proactive and make some kind of a living will setting or something...I agree it would be super creepy but better than trying to deal with legislator with each state/province/country.

Comment Re:As the parent of a 3 year old... (Score 1) 1135

I agree...my girls are much older than 3 now. They did not have to deal with pat downs.

But I would prepare my children if they were going on a trip. We would play "airport", and go through security. I would let them know we would have to wait in lines and it would be boring. I would have special activites for them on the plane and in line. They were always good as gold. (No screaming or kicking of the seats) Because I prepared them. Why was she afraid of the xray machine? Has she never walked through a doorway before?

Granted pat downs on frightened children or any child is ridiculous. But why was she afraid in the first place? Why was Dad videotaping her? If any of my children were that upset the furthest thing from my mind would be "lets videotape it."

Comment Re:Take it to a uni (Score 1) 250

A Justin Wilson joke:

A Cajun sends his son off to college. When the kid comes home for Spring break, the Cajun asks his son "so, whad'ya larn, boy?"

The son thinks a minute and says "Pi R square."

The old man is indignant. "What kind o' tomfoolery is they teachin' you, boy? Pie are round, cornbread are square!"

lmao..Pi R square! I wish I had mod points....^^

Comment Re:Really?? (Score 3, Interesting) 92

What I would like to see is a smart phone made for a baby boomer?
I don't mean a jitterbug but an actual phone with a keyboard big enough so they can see and use them so they can text their friends and go on the internet.
Not all older people are non tech savy (my parents for instance, it easier to text them then to call them.) and they have more money to spend on gadgets then a 15 year old. Why doesn't the 70 year old engineer make something he would like to use and go from there?

This is a completely untapped market...well except for the jitterbug.

Comment Re:Big Brother? Not Quite. (Score 1) 425

I am done with school lunches. When children's lunch schedule came home with nachos and mozzerella sticks as the hot meal of the day. I called up the head of the company that contracts to my kids school and he actually defended nachos and mozzerella sticks were in the "state requirements" and were a "healthy meal" My kids have some money left over from last year and then I packing from now on. I'm sorry nachos and mozzerella sticks aren't even a decent snack let alone a lunch. So crazy...

Comment Re:What did you expect? (Score 1) 326

"See spot run" sight reading books...Children are not taught phonics, and while the majority of children can pick up on the phonetic meaning of the letters in each word, there is a large percentage that does not, and they receive zero assistance to correct the problem. They are simply pushed through the school system and left to fend for themselves.

Um Children ARE being taught phonics http://www.nifl.gov/childhood/phonicsIns.html

and Dick and Jane books haven't been taught in a very long while. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_and_Jane

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