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Comment Radical idea to improve the company!! (Score 1) 215

I have a radical idea to improve the company!! maybe stop selling everything you have to become a simple "government and big company" service provider (where you repack mostly open source tools with some in house tools)

yes, those pay big money, but those are only choosing IBM because of the name. New guys, companies, tech people now that IBM is expensive and do not have anything new to offer and bypass then and use open source directly without paying a fortune!

IBM have so many patents each year , yet IBM stopped producing anything... just start using the patents to improve the hardware, sell things that even the smaller companies want, sell things that even the end user wants

if you are a service company, you are just one more, that can be replaced in no time

Comment Re:It is not dead, but migrate to ogg vorbis anywa (Score 1) 415

storage and bandwidth is not a problem, FOR YOU!
not everyone have big disks and pipes, you have from small phones and IOT devices to huge clusters, from dial-up to fiber, assuming that everyone is in the big side is a big mistake.
Also, most people do not ear any difference between a (good) raw audio, flac, aac, mp3, ogg, whatever, so why waste extra resources? It is just like saying we should store every pictures as RAW, where (good) jpeg is perfectly normal, but 1/10 to 1/100 the size

So no, lossy compressions are good, when used with good settings, you get almost the same thing but with a huge difference in size.
but you can even ignore ogg vorbis, there is a new kid in the block (sort of, it was born in 2013, but just last year it start to be used more) that i forgot, the ogg opus, even smaller, even better quality and lot more flexible, can use replace all other codecs in almost any place

Comment It is not dead, but migrate to ogg vorbis anyway (Score 1, Insightful) 415

It is not dead, but migrate to ogg vorbis anyway, it compress more with better quality and it is a totally open and free codec. Even the license (BSD) is one that allows anyone to add ogg vorbis support to any app or firmware

So yes, ignore mp3 and use ogg vorbis... and demand hardware with support for it

Comment Re:It's pretty simple (Score 1) 273

i do not know about the US Energy Star rating, in europe we have this:

This is required and very useful. Most people DO look at then, specially on more expensive or consuming appliances. It keeps being improved and allows one to see how much energy or water they use per year. IIRC, newest version even show how much that energy cost in euros, so one can compare several appliances and see how much money one safe by going with a better ratting. Even if more expensive, some pay themselves.

The end result was that junk, consuming appliances quickly disappeared from market, even a uneducated users would look to 2 similar priced appliances, one with rating B and another with rating D, they would choose the B. sometimes simple tune ups from a brand could upgrade the rating, without affecting the price.
Today energy efficiency are publicized by the brands and the even move those energy label to well visible areas, so people can compare

Comment Re: Firefox 57 could be the end of Firefox. (Score 2) 134

that is why they want to drop the old add-on support and use a model mostly compatible with chrome.
Current add-ons are too close to the firefox code and they can not mess with the code without breaking add-on or creating never-ending compatibility layers.

With the new add-ons api, this will get more stable and easier to port add-ons back and forward from/to chrome

Comment Re:They've compartmentalised the renderer? (Score 1) 134

yes, but firefox was build as monolitic, separate each layer required lot of changes as every layer calls were all over the code. That was one of the reasons google started with chrome, trying to break firefox modules would be slower than rebuild... the problem with rebuild is instability, breaks with existent code and requires a huge amount of resources (just look to the netscape 4.x to mozilla migration)

mozilla have done that slowly and they started with plugins and then pick the next problematic layer (javascript, render, video/audio, etc)... only now firefox is turning multi-process and can finally apply sandbox to those layers

Comment Re: Firefox dropping support for older hardware. (Score 1) 134

then update the OS!
local users without security updates, you are looking for trouble, no matter what browser you use...
better yet, install linux, run your app in wine, install freeNX, xpra, LTSP or even tightvnc (test to see what fits better your clients and app) and use it to run your app. Use native linux apps and only use wine for really support old apps

Comment Re:Is this a late April Fool's joke? (Score 2) 386

damn, out of moderation points... +5 for you!

gnome is largely ignored today, not being totally ignored just because of gtk ... that in turns forces you to use several gnome tools
i only know one person that used gnome3 and mostly because he uses fedora, not because he likes it, he just didn't care enough to change it.

Comment Re:Don't forget about open source projects. (Score 1) 286

For firefox, you can check, they describe very well what is sent and almost all the data is technical related, no identifiable info, no browsing history... and they inform you of that and you can opt-out

Now compare that with MS, where it is full of identifiable info, browsing history and even command line (great to catch passwords, "interesting" paths and programs)

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