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Comment Re:I miss software that works. (Score 1) 467

I think you did not understand the point of the mcmonkey. The question is not whether the software is stable, the question is whether it will works: Many of the current applications will not work in the future because they can not communicate with authorization servers that will no longer exist, to stay in one example.

Comment Re:What makes this special? (Score 1) 273

This discovery expands the possibilities of planetary configurations. This suggests for example that the number of rocky planets can be even greater than what is currently envisioned and the greater the number of possibly habitable planets then most likely to find life in some of them.

Comment Re:Methinks silly hack... (Score 1) 236

I was thinking of drivers from the same manufacturer to the same hardware unless you are thinking of putting in that signature the manufacturer and the driver version. And I noticed that Microsoft's idea would also work in the situation where you're replacing a manufacturer's driver with a newer version of the same manufacturer without having to depend on the manufacturer having informed the versions correctly. So with the same code you can satisfy both cases (manufacturer-manufacturer and manufacturer-microsoft)

Comment Re:Methinks silly hack... (Score 2) 236

The problem arises when both drivers looks the best ones to use, assume equal signatures, certifications, etc. Compilation date is not a bad option to decide priority when you have many copys from the same driver from the same vendor for the same hardware and this vendor forgets to report correctly the version.

Comment Re:An insanely clever solution, Microsoft-style. (Score 1) 236

It would not work very well. It would have the same original problem if two drivers had the same source and you would still have to define a criterion to decide which source would have priority (not always the manufacturer's drivers will automatically be better than Microsoft's, or both drivers are from different third parties and Windows does not know which one to give priority to).

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How Do You Deal With Aggressive Forum Users? 1

dryriver writes: I've noticed a disturbing trend while trying to resolve a rather tricky tech issue by asking questions on a number of internet forums. The number of people who don't help at all with problems but rather butt into threads with unhelpful comments like "why would you want to do that in the first place?" or "why don't you look at X poorly written documentation page " was staggering. One forum user with 1,500+ posts even posted "you are such a n00b if you can't figure this out" in my question thread, even though my tech question wasn't one that is obvious or easy to resolve. The ratio of unhelpful comments to actually helpful comments was about 5 to 1. I seem to remember a time when people helped each other far more readily on the internet. Now there seems to be a new breed of forum user who a) hangs out at a forum socially all day b) does not bother to help at all and c) gets a kick out of telling you things like "what a stupid question" or "nobody will help you with that here" or similar. Who are these forum users? Are they emotionally unstable t(w)eenagers who hang around forums looking for some "n00b" to trash? Where have the good old days gone when people much more readily gave other people step-by-step tips, tricks, instructions and advice?

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