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Comment Re:Them swedes. (Score 1) 420

do you see the irony of requiring compensation on something that will not be ever used on a lifetime, and the same thing also being reproduceable/copiable faster than the original author can say 'copyright' ?

i don't know about that, some of those lawyers can say 'copyright' pretty damn fast

Comment Re:I'll be first to say WTF (Score 1) 700

you're probably just trolling, but this statement has been proven to be true over and over again. Your mistake is thinking that you have to stop at some finite point. If that is the case then yes, 0.9999 is less than 1, but the sequence of nines is infinite.
Think of it this way. Say there is a finite number of nines. In that case, you'd have that
where e is a finite quantity. The thing about e is that the more nines you add at the end, the smaller it gets. After some finite but incredibly big number of nines, e should be extremely close to 0, but still greater than 0. But the fact is that if you add an infinite number of nines (where infinite could be defined as a number greater than all natural numbers), e will be exactly 0. Therefore, 1=0.9999...+e=0.9999...+0=0.9999...

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