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Comment Re:Hurm. (Score 1) 203

The Office Application you have to pay for. VoIP is actually available, but not a mainstream client. Bluetooth does not have A2DP nor does it have full profile support. You got me there (although you can get an A2DP adapter for less than 20 bucks)

Everything else you want you can get by jailbreaking your iPhone and installing via Cydia or Installer.

Comment Re:Hurm. (Score 2, Informative) 203

Have you ever used the AppStore?! I have an iPhone, and have a buddy who has a G1. He has never paid for an application, and I have only bought two the entire time I had an iPhone - and both were 99c. Everything you could ever want is avaliable for free.. aside from games that is. SSH Clients, VNC Clients, RDP clients, simple games, todo lists - name it!

Comment Hurm. (Score 5, Interesting) 203

If I recall correctly, the self-build versions of Android cannot connect to the app-store. Although still lacking in many areas, the app-store is one of the biggest selling points for Android. Without it, you arn't able to easily add your own applications - a major no-no if you want this to be mainstream. This will fix itself once we get Google-built and signed firmware images for different netbooks.

I'm all for hacking stuff for the whole 'because we can' mentality, but why reinvent the wheel? Why not use something like Ubuntu Netbook Remix - which already does everything Android can do + more. If you want to get Linux more in the mainstream market, let's try to refine what we already have, and leave the netbook version of Android to the professionals - aka Google.

Comment Re:Sweet (Score 1) 206

"I am being forced to sell my Computer to pay rent, paid $6000 new, and have added $2000 in upgrades, I will let go for just $4000 to the first lucky person to bring cash. Thanks to Vista, this model is very difficult to come by, it comes preloaded with over $1000 worth of software."

My loss is your gain.

There fixed that for ya!

Comment Re:iPod, iPhone, then what? (Score 1) 371

With your kind of thinking - nothing is really yours.

Car Analogy time. You buy a brand new porsche. You don't bitch because you can't put a Honda engine in your porsche. It was never designed to hold a Honda engine.

Apple doesn't want/didn't design the iPhone/iPod to run certain applications - and you can't hold that against them.

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