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Comment Re:really, slashdot? (Score 3, Insightful) 915

Does Slashdot really need to carry this story? It has nothing to do with science, tech, gaming, or anything relevant.

It has everything to do with homophobic, misogynistic, pedophilic, and racist organization which puts on airs of setting out to do good but in reality protects child diddlers and extorting money from gullible followers while ignoring the bible which it purports to follow, nothing to do with science or tech. Why again is this on slashdot?

Know thine enemy.

Comment Re:Blah (Score 1) 387

My backyard has a 16 foot privacy fence; it cannot be seen from "any" place.

I suppose you think I should have to go pay for and install a privacy roof for my yard as well?

I believe we call those "garages."

Comment Re:Kind of too late to complain now (Score 1) 221

What is more worrying is that there are numerous ways that the serial nr's activation status can be used / abused. For example, one game might decide to disable online without a refresh code which is semi reasonable (the person buying the game didn't pay for the servers that run the online portion).

How do you figure they didn't pay for the servers? If little Jimmy buys the game new, he has paid for the servers that run the online portion. (PS3 games don't require an online monthly charge like on XBOX.) The cost of the servers is lumped in with the price of the game. Jimmy gets tired of the game and sells it to Bobby. Jimmy is no longer using the servers, Bobby is now using them in his place. The net server usage change is 0. The game maker still has the money they were paid. Bobby, by buying the game from Jimmy, has been transferred the server access.

Comment Re:No 64-bit? (Score 1) 313

Which distro might that be?

I'm running Mint 13 64 bit and steam runs fine for me as well. Didn't need to use apt-get at all. Installed right from the valve website. Amnesia works perfectly. The open beta had a few bugs so far that I've noticed. A few are already fixed. Launching the game shut off my smaller primary monitor and made my larger one the primary instead. (log out then log back in and everything is back to normal) Also disabled alt+tab while in game. After one steam update it appears to work properly now.

Comment Re:Apple console? (Score 0) 191

An Apple gaming device would be an elegant, pure white box with only a light, it would never crash, but only Apple-approved games would run on it

So basically like every other game console.

Clearly you haven't played a console in a while. And now that I think about it more, probably ever. (bold for emphasis)

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