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Comment Re:Going down kicking and screaming (Score 5, Interesting) 137

The fact that it was working just fine and the population liked and used it will be ignored for the brief moment that your comment is read.

In that case, the fact that it was a horribly ugly and slow even compared to 56k Internet (compare it to an old black-and-white teletext) should also be ignored. I forgot to mention the outrageous charges, even to connect to public administration services; I remember myself waiting for some nation-wide exam results to display, the connection timer was the real source of stress, not the results!

Comment Re:Lockstep, my ass (Score 5, Informative) 565

On the rare occasion I bow down to necessity and buy a laptop, the first thing I do is buy a new license to Windows, wipe the thing, and start fresh.

I am surprised by this part: last time I tried with a Win7 Pro laptop, I was able to use my own license number (the one on the sticker on the laptop case) with another Windows setup disc, without having to purchase a new license!


Submission + - Rudimentary liver grown in a dish (nature.com)

ananyo writes: Japanese scientists have coaxed stem cells into forming a 5-millimetre-long, three-dimensional tissue that the researchers labelled a liver bud — an early stage of liver development. The bud lacks bile ducts but has blood vessels and when transplanted into a mouse, was able to metabolize some drugs that human livers metabolize but mouse livers normally cannot. The work is “the first report demonstrating the creation of a human functional organ with vascular networks from pluripotent stem cells”, the team claims.

Submission + - NVIDIA Responds To Linus Torvalds

jones_supa writes: NVIDIA's PR department has issued a statement following the harsh comments by Linus Torvalds last week where he referred to the graphics company as the single worst company they have ever dealt with, called them out on not supporting Optimus, and other issues. Basically the company replied they're committed to Linux using their proprietary driver that is largely common across platforms and, this allows for same-day Linux support with full OpenGL implementation. They also promote how they're active in ARM Linux for Tegra and support a wide range of hardware under Linux. Despite having not made any commitment to better support Optimus under Linux nor providing technical assistance to the Nouveau community, NVIDIA assures that 'at the end of the day, providing a consistent GPU experience across multiple platforms for all of our customers continues to be one of our key goals.'

Submission + - Google Detects 9500 Malicious Sites Per Day (net-security.org)

An anonymous reader writes: Five years after it was first introduced, Google's Safe Browsing program continues to provide a service to the 600 million Chrome, Firefox, and Safari users, as well as those searching for content through the company's eponymous search engine. According to Google Security Team member Niels Provos, the program detects about 9,500 new malicious websites and pops up several million warnings every day to Internet users. Once a site has been cleaned up, the warning is lifted. They provide malware warnings for about 300 thousand downloads per day through their download protection service for Chrome.
United States

Submission + - Should the U.S. Administration Pick a Winner in Alternative Energy? (patexia.com)

ericjones12398 writes: "In recent years, China has emerged as the dominant player in green energy — especially solar power. But despite rapid growth in recent years, solar power is more entrenched in European countries like Spain and Germany. They have promoted its development with strong incentives called feed-in tariffs that require electric utilities to buy solar power at a high, fixed price. The United States accounted for $1.6 billion of the world’s $29 billion market for solar panels. It accounted for at least half of the world’s production in 2010, and its market share is rising rapidly. But, while most U.S., Japanese and European companies still have the technological edge, China has a cost advantage. Analysts have said China has achieved this dominance through lavish government subsidies in its solar industry that are detrimental to American companies and other foreign competitors."

Comment Re:Yeah. (Score 1) 380

I am not sure this could be used successfully in a country with 10+ million inhabitants: the risk of identity theft seems to be greatly increased if any cashier has access to all your private information...
Do you need more information than what this random cashier can find in order to open, say a bank account?

Comment Seriously... (Score 1) 284

Does anyone have a non US-biased source about this UN proposal? I couldn't find anything on a European Google News.
The sensationalistic headline of TFA, without any actual numbers regarding this potential tax leaves me puzzled.
Don't get me wrong, I am all for net neutrality, but jumping from an article with two "work in progress" leaked documents to companies running out of business is a big leap!

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