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Submission + - The Twitter fraudsters (

Barence writes: "PC Pro has a feature examining the psychology and motivation of people who create fake or parody Twitter accounts. The feature reveals how people behind some of the most popular parodies — such as @MrsStephenFry — have gone on to earn commercial success, while others are altogether more sinister. The man behind @Lord_Credo managed to convince many that he was a personal adviser to British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and wormed his way into political circles. He allegedly conned some out of money, took advantage of the hospitality of others, and left the professional reputation of at least one “in tatters”. He even fabricated a malignant brain tumour, leaving one young member of the group “utterly distraught”."

Submission + - banned by Google AdSense (

ramitk writes: Google has finally decided to disable the AdSense API from which Flixya was compensating it's users for "SHARING EVERYTHING". Flixya is a social networking kinda site, that gives 100% of the advertising royalties from Google AdSense to its users. Now that it has been banned from AdSense, it is no longer sharing the advertising revenue with it's users. Let's face it, Flixya had a poor image in the eyes of Google — all due to copy-pasted and plagiarized content. Alexa Internet shows that Flixya received only 15% traffic from search engines.

This is only the ad network that has banned Flixya. If the trend continues, it won't take any more time for the whole site to get sand boxed by the search engine Google itself.

Comment Too much whining! (Score 1) 574

No one is forcing you to use it. Even more ridiculous is the fact that this option has never been there and never will be.

The more I think about this the more I can't believe it.

My best analogy is as follows, Google is a person standing on the street giving out free ham sandwiches to try and draw people into their restaurant. The whining users are people who want the free sandwich but won't eat it unless the ham is replaced with turkey.

If you don't want the ham sandwich then walk down the street and there's several free turkey sandwiches waiting for you. They just might not be as awesome!


Submission + - Monthly Ubuntu Releases Have Been Proposed (

An anonymous reader writes: Scott James Remnant, the former Ubuntu Developer Manager at Canonical and current Ubuntu Technical Board leader, has proposed a new monthly release process for Ubuntu Linux. He acknowledges that with the six month releases there's features that end up landing way too soon, leaving them in a sour state for users. With his monthly proposal, Remnant hopes to relieve this by handling alpha, beta, and normal releases concurrently. It's unknown whether Canonical will accept the policy at this time.

Submission + - Android to overtake Apple in app downloads! (

quantr writes: ""Android is expected to surpass Apple in application downloads for the first time, according to research firm Ovum.
Android could notch 8.1 billion app downloads this year, compared with 6 billion for Apple's iOS devices. That marks an explosion of growth for both platforms; Apple had 2.7 billion downloads and Android recorded 1.4 billion last year. The total number of application downloads is expected to grow by 144 percent this year, Ovum said in a report issued today.""


Submission + - Filesharing on a Shared Connection 5

An anonymous reader writes: I have a roommate that insists on using BitTorrent without taking any kind of precautions. He has an affinity for downloading material that is extremely popular and high-risk. He's received a warning from a well-known media giant in the past about his file sharing, but hasn't been sued. We've recently begun living in an apartment together (with one other person) and share our Internet connection and IP address. If his p2p activity leads to someone attempting to take legal action, could I be held liable? How would our accusers differentiate between our computers if we all share the same IP address? Would they just sue the lot of us?

Comment Re:RV042 (Score 1) 206

What hardware revision is it? When Cisco first bought Linksys they still sold the Linksys version for a while as a Cisco product. Now they have completely redone the product with a new processor, more memory, and new firmware. Like I mentioned in my previous post I used two of these at a company that I did some setup work for and have had no problems so far handling around 100,000 front page views a month on three servers.

I admit I was hesitant about the Linksys nature of the product but they are so cheap if you're really concerned just buy two.

Comment Re:Which island? (Score 1) 270

Like the other two posters said, I seriously doubt you'll get any reception on that island.

Driving along those highways I frequently lose coverage with Rogers and then when my coverage comes back my friends on Bell/Telus lose their coverage.

Your best bet would be to call the camp and ask them if they have any cell reception, if they don't then you don't even need to worry about Internet. Seriously though, you can't go for one week with no Internet? What sort of camp is this!

Comment Simply Accounting (Canadian accounting software) (Score 1) 272

Sage, the makers of Simply Accounting (a popular small business accounting program in Canada), are perhaps even worse. Not only are the different years incompatible but the different patches each year are also incompatible. Even more troublesome is the fact that the program throws no errors when one tries to load a company file from a previous generation, it just instantly closes.

In order for accountants to access your data they have to know exactly which version of the program you're running. I'm sure Sage makes thousands from frustrated accountants just telling customers they're going to need to upgrade to the latest version.

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