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Comment Re:Don't regret. You were just a kid. (Score 1) 605

I had the science teacher who informed us so knowingly that climate change would come about because ice would sink to the bottom of lakes and seas, in turn cooling everything down. Yes, I enjoyed the next week off for pointing out that ice, in fact, floats. Well, maybe it was the way in which I presented a counter-argument... IIRC it had something to do with the Titanic and his mother. ;)

Comment Dummies (Score 1) 204

It's rather upsetting the SEALS were not using common sense. I thought these were the best and brightest. How much brain power does it take to know they probably should have asked permission, or at least notified someone they were assisting with a game. Equally sad is that MOH:Warfighter had tons of exciting potential in the theme but ended up predictable and lackluster in the delivered product.

Comment Re:The real problem... (Score 1) 63

The "bigger, better, more, more, more" mentality is a means to an end. That end being profits, no? I do understand your point and agree machismo/vanity plays a big role. I also agree that quality > quantity. Where we differ is that the status of numbers (likes, subscribers, etc) doesn't really explain the end game. Vinny doesn't drive a blinged out '72 Camaro because he is vain, he does it to get laid. ;)

Comment Re:The real problem... (Score 1) 63

people/companies are placing a real financial value on it.

I agree with OP... but I don't think it takes very many firing synapses to realize placing value on what is so easily spoofed and inflated is not going to turn out well. The value is based on greed.

This is a problem - it's a bubble in the making, and when it pops there are going to be some pretty bitter recriminations and a lot of money lost.

The dumber marketers are going to lose money. Good.

Comment Re:Why change the interface at all (Score 1) 537

In fairness, I wasn't responding to the innovation part, just the bolded part. I tend to agree with you on your innovation view and vote with my wallet (in this case by not buying/installing), however I wouldn't expect any publicly traded company to care about innovation over bottom line (monopoly or not). I stated in a different thread yesterday that I'm not jumping on the W8 bandwagon until my XP/W7 hardware won't run or can't be replaced. I have W7 on my gaming PC, but I didn't install it and its fairly new and racy that W7 64bit made more sense than XP. I would think that there would be some classic mode available at some point. There is an XP mode for W7.

Comment Re:Why change the interface at all (Score 1) 537

Fine... Innovate. That is good. But how do we decide when an "innovation" is good or bad. If Microsoft would agree to support Windows 7 (older style) next to Windows 8 (the "innovation) and let the market decide which one won, then I would say you have a point. But, Microsoft is going to try to phase out Windows 7 (like they did to Windows XP) even if people prefer Windows 7 (and XP) over Windows 8. Innovation is good when you can choose whether to use that innovation and let it live or die on its merits. It sucks when it is forced on you (regardless of whether it is good or bad).

Lets put that phasing out in a bit of perspective.

Microsoft is falling just short of sainthood with their approach to phasing out XP which is 11 years old. I haven't seen or heard any plans to phase out W7 anytime soon, another 7+ years maybe. It makes sense to me that corps (any...all) will eventually stop supporting older versions of thier stuff.

Disclaimer: I'm not a MS fanboi, in fact I use primarily use windows (XP and 7) for gaming. The "sun" in my account name is derived from Sun Microsystems (no jokes, please), for which I spent most of my 20+ years in IT using and supporting.

Comment HW + needs = !win8 (Score 1) 727

I've had TV's that lasted near on 20 years without any repairs or updates. My Atari 2600 works just fine as well and that is older. XP works for what I want to do, and I understand the security risks. As long as the hardware runs, my kids can hit webkinz, gmail, IM, and run whatever stupid shoot-em-up games we approve of. The other kid does all that with Fedora on even older hardware. The kids have sports and limited PC/TV time as it is. There is no need for more bloat to do what they already CAN do. (sorry MS, no $$ from me ;))

Our home PC used to be thought of as a life improving/changing device. Now its a convenient method of communication that has retained some entertainment value. I do enough with enterprise servers/storage as a career. Long gone are the days where I leave my work PC, run/drive/scamper home, "maybe" eat something, and immediately get on my home PC ... I don't know whether my use cases are typical, but I doubt I'm alone. Win8? Thanks but no thanks unilt the HW dies and isn't easily replaceable.

Comment Re:The joke in question (Score 1) 606

If you were the father of this child, I'd say this could very easily insight terrible actions of violence.

In both cases poor taste and intentionally hurtful actions have taken place. The response in both cases should have been to delete the offending mail/thread/post and move on. A picture, post, message or thread is not a reason to react with violence. While there are some differences in the two (US vs UK law, the ability for Bridger to pay out any civil penalties, etc), the easiest method was overlooked; i.e. ignore the trolls.

As a father of 4, I can't begin to imagine the feelings and emotions being in either position would bring, but I can say I'm not reaching for a pitchfork/torch or a gun to settle it.

Comment Re:But it had nothing to do with Obama (Score 1) 524

Unemployment rates mean nothing to me. I can find work whenever I want, comes from knowing which end of the screwdriver to hit.

It may (probably will) be considered a troll, but I can't find a reason why I care about unemployment rates, either. I surely don't think either the D's or R's are going to make intelligent decisions to improve the statistic. In short, I do not believe that Obama CAN do anything to reduce unemployment without more spending, and I don't believe if Romney wins that corporate America will be all "ok brah lets hire pplz nao!" after spending the better part of 5 years learning how to be slimmer, automated, and profiting with less staff and maximizing current resources. I do not believe the Government is in the best position to create jobs.

I'll proudly admit that I've never had issues finding employment and have turned down many offers, most recently about 30 minutes ago. Other people's circumstances may be better or worse, but I can't control the smart, dumb, or different (than what I would have done) decisions of other people so I don't spend a lot of time worrying about their outcomes.

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