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Comment Tell me about it (Score 1) 324

And here I am paying up to 45c per KWh for the same energy, thanks to the same power grid. It is more then triple the national average, and I could use some extra power for my A/C during the hot days (we had several scorching heat waves in the recent weeks).

California seems to have very bad incentives in terms of public utility development, and we seem to be paying (literally) for it.

Comment Tough sell (Score 1) 105

One of the reasons GPU mining is preferable over ASIC (and up to a point FPGA) mining is that the leftover GPU can be resold at a used marketplace, keeping some of its value. This is more of a "hedge" against a probable market crash.

On the other hand dedicated cards have almost no resale value (maybe 10% compared to 50% of a one year old GPU), taking away a huge value from the initial investment.

Of course there will be some buyers, but I personally will stay away from them, unless they come with a 40% discount (which is very unlikely to happen).

Submission + - HBO, Netflix, other Hollywood companies join forces to fight piracy ( 1

stikves writes: It looks like media and technology companies are forming a group to "fight piracy":

"The first-of-its-kind alliance is composed of digital media players, networks, and Hollywood outfits, and all recognize how the internet has paved the way to an explosion in quality online content. However, piracy has boomed as a result: ACE says that last year saw 5.4 billion downloads of pirated films and TV shows."

I'm not sure how these statistics hold against real revenue loss (or the imaginary one), however this might be a development to watch for.

Comment OS/2 had its chance, but it is too late now (Score 1) 145

OS/2 was designed to be the replacement of DOS and Windows, by IBM ... and ... Microsoft. It had an interesting history, and up until they were ready to release OS/2 NT ( even Microsoft believed in it. However history was not kind at that moment, and MS and IBM split, causing OS/2 NT being repurposed as Windows NT, and the rest of the story is well known.

NT microkernel had support for separate subsystems (OS/2, Windows, and Unix). Even until Windows NT 4, it was able to run (command line) OS/2 applications natively, in addition to Windows. (This is more or less how the Linux applications run today on the recent "Creator's Update" stuff. They have a separate kernel API for the Linux subsystem).

However NT took on, OS/2 did not. Mostly due to technical reasons: it was fast, but not stable on most devices, except for a small approved subset, had a single message queue for the system, whereas NT had true multi-tasking, and would not run 32 bit Windows applications, only 16 bit ones. I was sad that this happened, but given many good alternatives today, like Haiku OS optimized for multimedia, Linux for everything else, and yes Windows for desktop, it might not be a big loss.

Submission + - Access to Wikipedia blocked in Turkey (

stikves writes: It looks like another major Internet service is blocked in Turkey, hopefully for a short time. Wikipedia is the subject to a latest ban, and unfortunately more details are not available:

Access to Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey as a result of “a provisional administrative order” imposed by the Turkish Telecommunications Authority (BTK).
The Internet Freedom watchdog, the Turkey Blocks said it has verified restrictions affecting the Wikipedia online encyclopedia in Turkey. “A block affecting all language editions of the website detected at 8:00AM local time Saturday 29 April,” the watchdog said on Saturday.
Turkey Blocks said an administrative blocking order is usually expected to precede a full court blocking order in coming days.
While the reason for the order was unknown early on Saturday, a statement on the BTK’s website said: “After technical analysis and legal consideration based on the Law Nr. 5651, ADMINISTRATION MEASURE has been taken for this website ( according to Decision Nr. 490.05.01.2017.-182198 dated 29/04/2017 implemented by Information and Communication Technologies Authority.”

Comment Isn't this "more regulation"? (Score 1) 266

This "more regulation" will not going to fly with the current administration. They will either need to "remove two regulations" to make face, or not do it at all.

That being said, we were able to vote with our dollars until very recently when there was real competition in the airline industry. Now there are only a few major airlines, and everything seems to be going downwards, at the passengers' expense. Wouldn't it be better to break them up again for better competition? This way we don't need to wait for the house to pass laws to get better service.

Comment Equal opportunity (Score 1) 388

We can all say it is still possible to find jobs, and by working smart and learning new skills you can always make yourself useful, hence get a job.

In reality, there will be huge gaps for people. If someone over 40, with little learning capacity (not everyone has 160 IQ), is out of a job, he or she will have difficulty in finding a new one. We know from IT industry that it is even difficult for us. Yes I know, we can advance our career, start own consulting business. But there will still be many without the required (people) skills unable to find employment.

I cannot go so far to claim it is the responsibility of the company to feed us for the entirety of our lives. And I might have less sympathy to people who actually have capability to improve themselves, but did not so due to laziness. Nevertheless it is a burden on us, as the society, to be able to keep as many people productive as possible.

If we cannot find a replacement job to a later career person, or unable to provide adequate education to young people, it is and will be our problem.

Comment Nope, this is not a new port (Score 3, Informative) 153

"Apple’s “new” UAC port wasn’t made by Apple, and it isn’t new"

This is a connector used in some digital cameras, and accessories. They are usually compatible with USB micro cables, but has additional pins for the original cable carrying video or other signals.

Apple is just allowing manufacturers to use this port on one end of their cables. i.e.: it will now be possible to connect your Sony camera to a lightning port directly.

Comment Nope. I have the chip at home (Score 1) 59

Intel C2000 series was a dream come true for low power servers. I have a 8 core C2758 atom server at home (from SuperMicro), and it is really a beast given working at less than 10W total system power at idle or low utilization (excluding HDDs, of course but with the MB, CPU and RAM).

But they have dropped the ball, now in two ways:

- There was no update to the Atom server line in the last two years. They probably do not want to cannibalize their other offerings (8 core CPU with AES and VT extensions is more than enough to host several VMs). But they also left the market empty (there is still no competition).
- Now we learn that the chips are faulty. Without any replacement option (the chip is soldered on a particularly expensive motherboard), I'll just wait for the time it will fail.

Given they did not provide any useful performance increase in the last two generations, heck make it three, I'm really disappointed with Intel at the moment. No more mobile chips, no more low power server chips, and three year old i7 4790K can easily compete against a recent 7700K with only 10% drop in performance.

Comment Re:Over/under: Invasion of sovereign nation or tru (Score 2) 821

As much as I did not want Trump to win, it became obvious that it was Hillary who actually lost. The democrats need to clean their act first before blaming republicans. There was major indication for favoring a candidate during preliminaries, and possible leaking of debate questions to that particular candidate. It did not help that Hillary camp did not have any concrete policies and promises during the campaign. They were like an abstract vapour.

Comment Re:Amazon could easily be profitable (Score 1) 70

That's two of the three benefits for owning a stock in the company. The other one is actual ownership stake in a business. In theory you have a say in the board meeting (albeit very small), and steer the company in the long term, including asking the board to issue dividends in the future.

Of course this requires buying a lot of the stock to have any real say in the company, and be really active. But still it's possible in theory.

Comment Time to become suspicous (Score 1) 234

When LastPass was bought out by LogMeIn, I was worried that they would discontinue the service, however this seems even worse. Because in general if you're not the customer, you're the product. And in this case you're the product with all passwords stored on the cloud.

It might be time to move on to KeePass. Then again the mobile versions are not 100% from the source. So even that is a tough decision.

Comment Re:Highlights a couple real problems with Amazon (Score 1) 253

There goes my mod points.

Amazon has two different ways the 3rd party inventory is stored in prime warehouse: with original UPC, or with seller specific code.

If the item is brand new, and has only one listing per that UPC, the seller has the option not to include a second bar code, and use the product's own UPC. (This would include most flash drives that you've mentioned). However I'm not sure Amazon will have an exact way to distinguish inventory between sellers when this is done. But even then the mixups should be very rare.

On the other hand, if the item is used, refurbished, or has multiple sellers, or the seller chooses to do so, they will use a second bar code, specific to that seller, and they should not be easily mixed.

Yes, you'll have better inventory control if you're buying used from Amazon.

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