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Comment Re:I know! Let's immolate every last bit ... (Score 1) 38

The problem is, once development occurs, fires no longer happen naturally, and artificial mechanisms are put in place to suppress them. The drone program is a case in point. The first thing they are going after are combustible areas that pose a danger to development. These combustible areas are the very islands of habitat that are all many native species have left.

Comment Re:I know! Let's immolate every last bit ... (Score 1) 38

I'm simply pointing out the relevant application of the law of unintended consequences. You're the one waxing histrionic with your florid prose. If you were actually paying attention, you would realize that the burns are taking place to protect developed areas, as in the photograph. It is the islands of native species habitat, adjacent to developed areas, which are being burnt. These islands of habitat amidst development have been found to be crucial to numerous species. You will learn about some of these things when you take your first science class.

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