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Comment Mods Need Crack (Score -1) 464

Something so full of idiocy gets a 5?

So while we should be adapting our infrastructure to support more renewable resources (solar, I am looking at you), we cannot afford to forget that it is nuclear power that promises us the quickest (and cleanest) way to combat our oil dependency. Furthermore, as far as I am concerned, burning any petroleum-derived products for electricity generation borders on the criminal

The United States of America, under the leadership of President George W. Bush, cut the percentage of electricity generated from petroleum by half.

From ~3% to ~1.5%. You see, almost nobody burns petroleum for electricity, it is too valuable as a transportation fuel.

It is sad that people so full of shit post. It is awful that they get positive moderation.

It is a goddamn crime they are allowed to vote.

Comment Obama Hates the Constitution (Score -1) 252

Obama will do the same thing, when it suits him or what he wants and believes.

Obama has violated the Constitution, even before he was in office. Senator Hillary Clinton can not serve as a cabinet Secretary because the emoluments of that office were increased while she was Senator.

The "Saxby Fix" is sad re-imagining of the Constitution. The Constitution says,

No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States, which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been increased during such time;

It doesn't say "but you get a Mulligan if you reduce the pay."

The Constitution says what it says. President Obama violated the Constitution before he was in office.

Comment Re:Power plant licensing (Score -1) 227

I will fight to the death any attempt to put a coal, oil or natural gas burning power plant anywhere.


China is building coal plants now, and you have not fought them to the death.

So you are a fucking liar. Go to China and fight them to the death, like you said you would.

Do it, big brave internet user. Get on a boat, go to China, and start fighting to the death. Fight your way to their coal plants and stop them being built.

You said you would. And if you do not, you are a liar.

Chicken-hawk drinkypoo, typing tough and sipping lattes.

Comment Army of One (Score -1) 550

Just look at the History and see how Dems reduce Military spending and then the Republicans ramp it back up.

Bill Clinton reduced military spending by some 40%. That "Army of One" was more than a recruitment ad, it was a policy statement!

Comment Re:Respect (Score -1, Troll) 923

American Imperialism?!?!

Your bullshit detector is in fine operating condition.

If the United States is perceived as relatively inactive in the world, it is because of American Isolationism.

If the United states is seen as relatively active in the world, it is American Imperialism.

It does not matter what the United States actually does, the critics have framed the "argument" so that America is either isolationist or imperialist.

And of course, those who would question such shallow thought are "jingoist."

The Method has earned them their diplomas, got them laid and employed. It even got them an affirmative action president who "thinks" like they do.

Comment On Real Markets (Score 0) 663

Getting the best results from a market require that all participants have perfect information (which implies they've spent the time to do a full analysis of all their options). This never happens.

Since perfect information never happens, isn't it a bit silly to make it a requirement for best results?

Sounds very much like the old wives' tales emitted by half-baked econ profs, kinda reminds me of a toothpaste tube ;-)

It is making the impossible perfect be the enemy of the real good: that markets deal very well with imperfect information. People (companies, countries) can pay to be ignorant - thus saving their time for other endeavors (or in the case of countries, Endeavours) - or they can be wise misers.

Comment Linked Causality (Score 0) 421

What the word "linked" means to a journalist is that Thing A has been mentioned in an article with Thing B.

Journalists are the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, so it should be no surprise that Democrat representatives behave like journalists.

Such "linking" is part of the Democrat War on Science - linking power lines and illness, linking vaccines to autism, linking particle accelerators to dangerous black holes.

Causality is passe. Linking is in.

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