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Comment Re:Touch Bar Escape Key? (Score 1) 361

Is this where the fabled escape key has been banished to?

Yes - there were several scenes in the video of the Apple event showing a virtual key labeled "esc" on the left-hand edge of the touch bar (although, as I've noted elsewhere, it's not directly above the {~ `} key, which may get in the way of muscle memory).

Comment Re:No escape (Score 1) 361

And I don't see an escape key. :(

I guess you didn't watch the video of the Apple event, where the touch bar had, in many scenes, a button on the left hand edge marked "esc". (As I said in comments for the rumor article, it's not directly above the {~ `} key, so your muscle memory may have some issues with it.)

Comment ...and replaced them with virtual keys (Score 1) 524

The Apple event shows a touch bar that, by default, has a button labeled "esc" on the left-hand edge, although, as I commented elsewhere, it's a little bit to the right of where the "esc" key is now - i.e., not directly above the {~ `} key - which, as I said, could interfere with muscle memory.

Comment Re: Nothing of significance (Score 1) 232

No headphone jack. Fewer keys than a VT-100 terminal. Lame.

Hey, even my current MacBook Pro, which does have a headphone jack, has fewer keys than a VT100, so it's not as if the rumored touch-bar-instead-of-a-function-key-row and might-not-have-a-headphone-jack new MacBook Pro is what put them below the VT100.

Comment Re:Why not just keep using Esc then? (Score 1) 524

Depends on the size of your hands to some degree. I find that Ctrl-C Ctrl-V for example requires twisting the left wrist outward so the hand is angled to the left, and also requires stretching the fingers apart. The natural resting positions of hands which are together in front of you on a keyboard is for the hands to be pointed inward (left hand angled slightly to the right) with fingers not stretched in tendon tension apart.

For what it's worth, when I do Ctrl+{something} on my MacBook Pro's keyboard, I move my left hand off the home row and, if {something} is on the left-hand side of the keyboard, use my index finger for {something}; that might even predate using an MBP. The same applies to Cmd+{something}, although I use my thumb for Cmd.

Comment Re:What is the problem here? (Score 1) 524

So one possibility is that Terminal labels that part of the touch bar "Esc" (or, in Apple hipster lower-case style, "esc"), and touching it sends \033 down the pseudo-tty to the currently-running program. That's the one I'm putting my money on, although I'm biased by being a microEmacs user who would want that to be the case.

Although the "Cancel" isn't directly above the (~ `) key, so it's not quite where the esc key is currently, which could interfere with muscle memory, grumble grumble. We'll have to see what Terminal does with the touch bar.

Comment Re:Ah, minimialism (Score 1) 524

Mac users probably don't use the Escape key too much, let alone the function keys.

THIS Mac user uses the Esc key all the time to dismiss OS X/macOS Dialogs.

Which may be why there's something labeled "Cancel" at the left edge of the touch bar in one of the images from TFA.

(And THIS Mac user uses the Esc key all the time to start commands in microEmacs in Terminal, but I digress....)

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