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Comment Re:Content Management System is not a design progr (Score 1) 318

yes, an editor, such as notepad, or maybe textmate, but Dreamweaver attempts to do the WYSIWYG which is geared towards those people who don't really know how to code. Those people are better off with something like drupal where they can't accidentally go in and muck everything up, so they aren't using dreamweaver. Those of us who do know how to code however wouldn't waste their time learning how to use dreamweaver because we don't need it and it makes our code look like garbage. So yea, i think i agree. Dreamweaver should die.

Comment Re:No, they don't (Score 1) 681

I did realize that point (that DNS isn't completely anonymous) however I'm more referring to the reality that even though some prospective employer could do the further research to figure out who registered the domain and all that other stuff, the chances of them actually doing it is very low. What is much more likely is that they will look through their stack of 100 resumes and do just a basic check on all of them and eliminate half of them just on tertiary evidence of something being wrong

Another reality here, is that this point is almost moot, because there is almost no way of enforcing any laws regarding this in the first place

Comment Re:No, they don't (Score 3, Insightful) 681

the fact that you posted as "Anonymous Coward" should answer your question here. lets say your name is "Bob Smith" for example, now someone else, whom you don't like perhaps, purchases the domain name and makes a site all about how you are recruiting for "young gay men who are willing to let themselves be eaten alive" or whatever would make you look bad. is it fair that an employer can now judge you based on this?

The problem is the internet is anonymous

Comment Re:Different software appeals to different peopl (Score 1) 240

yes i use adobe software all the time, have you used QuarkXpress lately?, the UI doesn't look or feel native, is slow, full of quirks, and hard to use.

yes different software appeals to different people, and i don't think its going to far to say that people who prefer software such as wordpress, or Mac software in general, don't usually desire or value the flexibility that things like Joomla or Linux (or Windows) offer. Thats fine, some things don't need to be difficult, but on the other hand, some things do

Me personally, i'd like to error on the side of things potentially needing to be more complicated rather than less, I'd rather not paint myself into a box with software that is not going to let me do EXACTLY what i want to do in the long run.

Comment Re:I know it's a dupe, but... (Score 1) 293

You forgot to mention the utter worhtlessness of iTunes (at least on a PC anyway). I've had an iPod now for 2 months and I cant figure out how to get more music on to it (without loosing everything thats currently on it). That is simply utterly rediculus. Why can I not just drag and drop a file onto it?. Oh and how about their wonderful customer service? I read the small print that came with the iPod and it says you are entitled to exactly 1 free call to customer support. Wow really 1 call! well at least I didn't pay $200 for the same music storage capacity that I could have got for about $50 with any other MP3 player (oh wait I did!)

Oh yeah and the FireWire thing. thats about the first smart thing they did (getting rid of it) Yeah I know its faster slightly than USB 2.0, but wait till USB 3.0 comes out later this year.

You see here's the thing with Apple, they may not have as many errors technically with their software, but it's because their software is not as flexible as PC software. The "Problem" with Apple software is that if you don't want to do something exactly the way they want you to then your screwed

At least that's been my experience

Comment Re:I know it's a dupe, but... (Score 1) 293

Exactly, I wonder if Apple realizes that there are problems with its software/hardware as well, so far my guess would be no. All i ever hear from apple people is how everything "Just Works".

yea well it don't. "Just Work" and if they don't start fixing their problems soon they are gonna be in the same boat as Microsoft is now

Comment Re:I live in WI, and I say this sucks (Score 1) 327

Wow if you hadn't mentioned Wisconsin in your post I would have assumed you were talking about California because we have exactly the same thing happening here (yeah I know Schwarzenegger is technically a republican but he acts like a democrat)

I too am glad that we got rid of that moron in the white house, but it's unfortunate that he screwed it up so bad that most of his fellow party members can't even win at the local level

This is exactly why I think political parties are worthless.

Comment Yeah but... (Score 1) 209

this is really cool, don't get me wrong, but is size the most important thing now? so what if we can get 250 DVD's into a square inch, what if there are only 10 DVD's worth watching in the first place?

All kidding aside though, i wonder more about how fast i can get my data than about how small it is physically. Think about it, do you really want to carry around your entire cd/movie collection everywhere you go? what if you loose it or it gets stolen? I'd rather have a gigantic drive attached to my server at home where i can have it backed up consistently and have it secured, then just access the info via the net. what i need is bandwidth, thats the problem.

Comment Why is this a problem? (Score 2, Interesting) 57

Ok i am probably going to show my ignorance here, almost certainly, but it seems to me that this is a good thing, isn't it? Don't we want to have a secure DNS system? Or is it the case that securing the system will somehow limit our freedom or something like that?

Yes i know this is a very generic question but i would like to know

Comment Re:Once again... BFD (Score 1) 434

All i can say to that is, i grew up extremely dirt poor living most of the time in an industrial space and sleeping on shelf in my dads workshop, and coincidentally we didn't have a TV for most of my life. amazingly enough i grew up to be very smart and figured out how to be successfull. I don't think its a coincidence that i had no TV, rather i think its the CAUSE of my success. Yes i have the luxury of being lazy now because i didn't have the luxury of TV when i was young.

And to answer your first question, No you don't have a real job if all you are doing is flipping burgers, if you are fool enough to think that you can survive your whole life with that kind of mentality then i feel sorry for you. And yes i have taken a job away from another "lazy" person, but every 40 year old, career burger flipper has also taken away a job from the young enterprising teen who should be doing that job to pay his way through college.

TV is a distraction from reality and NOT a necessity.

Comment Re:Once again... BFD (Score 4, Insightful) 434

Seriously, we've got more important things to worry about in this country that weather people can watch their soaps on channel 4. Why are we wasting money on this.

Here's a wake up call to all those who are watching regular TV and can't afford to get a box. Perhaps they should stop watching so much TV and get a real job

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