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Comment Detection (Score 1) 72

Isn't the point of (successful) attack/hijacking, whatever, NOT to be detected and identified ?
Just the other day, some Russian ISP routed what, most of Visa & Mastercard traffic through their servers or something... happens often.. sometimes mistake, sometimes maybe not, but still they cannot keep doing it indefinitely.

Yeah ?

Comment Re:Umm, okay... (Score 1) 200

> Even if I sit in front of the TV and just browse YouTube, it is amazing the great stuff I can find. Videos of presentations from various conferences. Class lectures. There is a guy with a great set of videos Introduction to Higher Math. Various tutorials. It's way better than couch potato cable TV.

Oh yeah, after doing programming all day long and fucking around with docker, asterisk, postfix, nginx, etc. in the meantime, the first thing I want to do when i get home after 8-9 hours of that is do some HIGHER MATH !!!1

I know this is popular on slashdot type sites, but seriously though. Give me Married with .. Children, Seinfeld, ... and a beer so I can turn my brain off from constant calculations it's doing half my waking time ... or do you not work ?

Comment Re:MATE (Score 1) 386

I used linux (on desktop) since 2001 - actively.
Debian, Redhat, Slackware, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Gentoo, I've had all of it... and fucked around with all of their individual quirks to get them to work, etc.

Now I use Mint. It just works (with some bugs here and there, but tolerable) and gets out of my way.. exactly what I want to get my work done.

It also has some quirks, with retarded update policies and couple of other things, but I get why... and It's fine. I can mitigate security concerns the other ways.

Comment Re:It's not about elitism. (Score 1) 329

> This is mostly the praddle of those that dropped out or never went. Sure, if you want to be a Systems Admin drone, and think that it's the apex of IT, fine. But if you want to be a serious software archatect who understands the global issues and actually builds the future, no, sorry, a high school dropout usually doesn't cut it.

Good system admins that understand the environment they work in, software, hardware and how services work and interact with each other (and therefore are very effective at creating things and solving problems), that have 15 years professional experience (*NOT* corporate bullshit, where nobody is doing anything or there are 10 people so it's easy to get away with doing nothing) are not drones and should be valued better. I know it's common to put everybody in the same basket and judge them like you just did, but it's stupid and just shows your ignorance (ironic that you're modded as insightful).

Some of them that transitioned to programming jobs after working as system admins are 2x more capable of any programmer i've seen, CS grads that have 0 experience especially.

If you combine geekness (passion) with actual opportunity and eventually experience, no school can top that.

I would rather argue that college students are drones. Spoon fed knowledge without experience of trying and failing and trying again, and learning from your own first hand experience what works and what doesn't work and WHY.

Comment PR (Score 1) 370

Last 3-4 days we saw posts how theater is dying and hollywood not making enough (how greedy can these people be ?) money wise, netflix and people watching stuff at home.

Now this article... looks like PR. Hey, didn't you know ? It's cool to watch movie in theater".

I just love how they got bashed in all the comments here.

Comment Re:GOOD. (Score -1) 281

> Get your damn kids vaccinated, cowards.

I vaccinated my kids because I'm a coward. Yes. This is like saying people that kill themselves are cowards... absolute nonsense. Takes a lot of balls/suffering Try it.

Takes a lot of balls to risk your children's health, and not vaccinate them when the majority of people are pro vaccination + there's (almost) full scientific consensus that vaccines do more good than bad + I myself am vaccinated, and I'm fine (?).

But I do not like vaccines because:
1. I do not trust governments. It's full of sociopaths and psychopaths that do not care about you or your children, and probably would be happier if there are less of us and are contemplating ideas to reduce the population somehow.
2. I do not trust pharma industry, it's full of sociopaths and psychopaths that do not care about you or your children, and probably would be happier if you and your children are sick more frequently.

Lizards. I'm saying this half jokingly (no i do not think trans dimensional lizard people are enslaving us), but as older I'm getting...the more I think everything that matters is run by people that have 0 emotions and care for other people, and in fact look at "us" as inferior and undeserving. Scientific community included.

What's most depressing is that most of what conspiracy theorist "nutjobs" said in 1990s, turned out to be true in 2010+. I'm afraid one day I'll read some data leak about conspiracy of pharma industry to weaken the immunity system of kids while they young so they can sell them more medicine throughout life.

Sounds crazy ? Yep. But fuck it... prove I'm wrong, I beg you, for the sake of my children.

Comment Most... (Score 1) 174

I've been working remotely for 10+ years. Most people i worked with use IM as a form of communication, and all of them use different ones.
I have ICQ, Gtalk and some jabbers in Pidgin running 24/7.
Skype as well, seems to be preferred nowdays.
And IRC on freenode programming channels that interest me.

LINE on my phone for personal stuff ( hey man, you want to have a beer tonight ?)

Couldn't imagine living without messaging... and actually using phone to call people. That would suck hard.

Btw, what's up with this poll ? Yesterday IM messaging article, now a poll ... ? Coincidence, or is slashdot passively marketing something here ?

Comment Re:"But everybody else is doing it..." (Score 1) 122

> Americans' need to stand up for what they say they believe in.

They don't believe in it. They're just regurgitating those phrases, because they heard it so many times during their upbringing.
It's called programming.

Even if they believed in it, people that make the rules don't.

Comment $162 million in 5 years ? (Score 1) 108

DId I read that right ? That's just fucking stupid.

A programmer (for example) with more that 15 years of active experience that spent countless hours learning new stuff, and improving himself, making $200k a year (if he's lucky), cannot even 'accumulate' 1 million in five years... how the fuck are these CEOs making this much money ?

$55 million in severance ?

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