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Comment Reciprocity is the answer. (Score 1) 735

Depends how you've been treated.

If the company has gone out of its way in the past to look after you, then treat them likewise. At the least, you could see if a two month changeover would make their life easier (if the new company would be willing to do that).

If you've been treated as just another employee, then behave that way.

Comment Oh for goodness sake (Score 5, Funny) 394

I think that by now people know whether they like 3D or not.

Personally, I do, and telling me that I'm being scammed for something that I actively enjoy isn't going to suddenly persuade me that I don't.

"Oh my, I hadn't realised, but the time when I was completely blown away by How To Train Your Dragon that I was being scammed. In retrospect I shouldn't have enjoyed it at all!"

If you don't enjoy movies in 3D then the simple answer is to not watch them. Telling other people that they're wrong to enjoy something isn't going to gain you anything.

Comment Well, of course (Score 2) 141

The definition of celebrity is "Someone who is known by more people than they know" - of course Charlie Sheen is followed by more people than he follows. He also appears in more celebrity magazines than his followers.

Next you'll be surprised that there are more people reading Linus Torvald's blog than he reads in return.

I use Twitter to keep in contact with a few people I know in person (20-30), and to keep up with a few people who say things I'm interested (about the same again). Same as with Livejournal/Blogs.

No, the average person isn't interested in whether I went to the cinema and enjoyed Rango - but (some of) my friends are. So I wouldn't expect to get followed by 10,000 people - just by my friends.

Comment Start in 2005 (Score 1) 655

The series took a long hiatus from 89-2005, and was then basically rebooted. You can start in 2005 without knowing anything about the show before that point.

If you go to Amazon.com, they seem to be advertising "the complete first series", etc. - and they're starting from the 2005 series (with Christopher Ecclestone and Billie Piper). Start there, and work onwards. You'll be just fine.

(If you like it, you can then work your way back and try some of the classic stories. Genesis of the Daleks is well worth it, even if the special effects are a tad dated, what with being 35 years old now.)


Solar Panels For Your Pants 81

Phoghat writes "A new line of clothes come with its own solar panels to charge small electronics in your pocket. It might be overdoing the 'Green' technology but for the low, low price of $920, you can own a pair of Go Urban Cargo Pants, which boasts 'fly front, low-slung drawstring waist, and two back patch pockets with button down flaps,' but the main reason you might want them is the: "'two side cargo pockets with independently functioning power supply.'"

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