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Comment Re:"Because we say so" (Score 3, Funny) 169

Their entire business model is making money by suing "infringers". In this case, the economic value to Righthaven is INCREASED by someone else posting it in its entirety.

Under that model the value of the work is defined by their profit from a lawsuit. So if they win and get a settlement, the value is increased; thus, on appeal, they will lose. But now they expended all these legal fees, and have taken a loss. Their license on the article now has a negative value; thus, on a second appeal, they will win.

The question we need to ask is how many appeals will land this in the Supreme Court? If it's an odd number, Righthaven will spiral into bankruptcy. If it is an even number, Righthaven's business model will make them an unstoppable profit machine.

The Courts

NCsoft Sued For Making Lineage II 'Too Addictive' 360

An anonymous reader writes "South Korean MMO game publisher NCsoft is finding itself facing another lawsuit, this time for making games that are 'too addictive.' US Lineage II player Craig Smallwood is suing the publisher for $3 million because he found himself playing Lineage II for 20,000 hours over a period of 5 years. At times, his average play session would persist for over 11 hours, crippling his life and ability to function. A federal judge is allowing the court case to go forward (PDF), stating that the plaintiff has a claim for negligence and gross negligence against the publisher."

Comment Re:FTFA: (Score 3, Informative) 634

if everybody on the planet each got a knife made out of recycled glass and used it carefully to murder a neighbour, then the whole problem would be halved over night.

If everybody went next door to murder a neighbor, no one would be next door to be a victim.

You assume one occupant per house, or one destination per household. If the average household has 2 people in it, and they went to different houses, then everyone would be in their neighbor's living room having a knife fight with their neighbor's neighbor, while their neighbors and their neighbors' neighbors' neighbors fought in their neighbors' neighbors' living rooms.


Comment Re:To be fair.. (Score 1) 671

When the topic of games based on earlier conflicts is brought up, like WWII games, she calls all surviving vets "not real people" and says that games like that are fine because of how they're not real people...

Jesus. I don't even know how to attack logic like that. It seems like it should have already attacked itself, and yet here it is.

Comment To be fair.. (Score 3, Insightful) 671

I can't watch the video, so this is based solely on the summary. It is entirely possible that the 'Gold Star Mom' (huh?) now objects to all depictions of war as entertainment. The summary doesn't say she thinks it's OK to play the US side, but not the side who killed her boy. It just says she objects to war being portrayed as a game.

This is not a viewpoint that I share, but she's welcome to it.

Comment Re:Mr Assange: Remove the grid-squares!!! (Score 4, Informative) 711

Secret classification is one step up from Sensitive (SSNs, addresses, phone numbers, etc...) and it isn't very well controlled.

False. "Sensitive" but Unclassified -> Confidential -> Secret -> TS/SCI

Secret can get people killed. That it clearance is handed out to degenerates is a failure of the investigators, not evidence that Secret material is harmless.

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