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Comment personal choices (Score 1) 527

"Does it blend" works well for Laptop Hard drives, and you can add empty beer cans to suite your taste. Larger drives make unique targets for sighting in the 30-30. If you don't own a gun (convicted felon, wimp, ,,,) you can fashion it as a ground strap on your car and take a road trip

Comment When the grid pukes (Score 1) 695

in 25 years with a standby generator learned a few things. run the gen every month for an hour change the oil twice a year (regardless of use) change the gas (drain and refill) every 6 months A small metal garden shed with ventilation (box fan & turbine) keeps the weather out, and insulation will cut down on the noise. Changeover can be low tech with a breaker in the same location as the main shutoff will work ok (you will only experiance a mistake here only once with either a line man kicking the crap out of you or the sight of a full 5 gallon plastic gas tank melting)

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