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Comment Re:Oh yeah this'll be good. (Score 1) 274

I'm glad someone else got started, as you said everything I wanted to say but in far fewer words than I usually churn out!

But hey, say way too many people, at least we can "send 'em back" - only most of the people they have in mind came from countries outside of the EU, many were actually born here, and those that did come from the EU are (thankfully) probably going to be able to stay via new agreements. So, didn't really help racists much either. There's the immigration concern where I'll not jump to racism accusations as "let fewer people in" isn't quite the same thing as "send the buggers back".. but that's unlikely to change either, as we're looking likely to still need free movement in the new agreements so.... yep. Let's hope the world doesn't just shrug and say "you're not actually as special as you think on that little island mate"

Comment Re: Oh yeah this'll be good. (Score 0) 274

Sorry, I did miss that bit. Obviously too busy projecting the way I dumbed myself down onto you to read properly!

Hmm, that's the second time I've had this exact discussion in about 10 minutes :) Personally, I'm not angry, and indeed... just not buying it is what I'm doing. I think though, maybe a lot of the people are still fans of Apple at heart and want to see them do better? It's okay to not like what a company you're a fan of does. Occasionally, they might even listen (okay, that's not too often with Apple). They've always pulled this kind of thing so I don't think they're going to change, but one issue is there's so little incentive to actually put up with it - where previously you'd say something like "okay that's a little irksome but I can live with it because they're the first to properly implement $new_tech and I really want my hands on it, and the £15 adaptor I'll factor into the cost, now!", it doesn't currently appear that they're doing much that's new and innovative, yet are still creating new compromises. It's a shame, and it'd be nice to see them make us 'forget' about these things again.

Comment Re: Oh yeah this'll be good. (Score 1) 274

To add, my similar story is when I had one of the older iMacs and eventually a sort of 'cloud' of dust adhered itself to the wrong side of the glass, so I had a slightly murky area between the display and the glass. I booked an appointment, drove 100 miles to my nearest Apple store, and showed the Genius - who promptly removed the glass with a couple of suction cups, wiped it down with a microfiber cloth, put the glass back and handed it back. Problem solved. If only I hadn't seen everything as an excuse to switch my brain off and not do anything for myself.

Comment Re: Oh yeah this'll be good. (Score 1) 274

I've been there, in the Apple RDF, bought their products for quite a while, just recovering...

Looking back, it's pretty shocking that we dumb ourselves down (no offence, I did much of the same) to the point that we find ourselves taking a phone to a 'genius' to remove fluff from a headphone port. Re-learn basic electronics like how pieces of metal pushed together conduct electricity, get a few tools and some compressed air and isopropyl alcohol and think for yourself again, you'll be glad you did :)

Comment Re:Basically (Score 1) 274

Just got out of the RDF. Would previously have believed their inevitable implication that this is the only decent way to make it water resistant, and would've believed the "we need the custom chip that we charge manufacturers a licensing fee for so that we can protect your device from being harmed by dodgy Chinese knockoffs" that I recall hearing about Lightning.

Comment Re:Scrutiny (Score 1) 297

Yeah fair point that. I'm also thinking back to when I originally switched TO Apple, and one of the justifications I made at the time was that I was paying more so they could afford to actually be better. Better policies with manufacturing, better quality control, better customer service, etc. This has proved repeatedly not to be the case.

Comment Re: Scrutiny (Score 1) 297

Yeah that's pretty much why I moved away. It used to be that you paid a bit more to be ahead of the technology curve (software as well as hardware). Now you pay more for something prettier and with a privacy and security focus, which is good, but that's it. Dell make a nicer Ultrabook (XPS 13) and Google tends to be a year ahead with mobile stuff (intelligent photo search being one example). A classic thing that winds me up with iOS is still not having weekend hours for its Do Not Disturb mode. It'll be touted as a major feature one year to much applause and cheering in a keynote while 'droid has had it for years...

Comment Scrutiny (Score 5, Interesting) 297

I'm no Apple fanboy (just actually switched most my stuff away) but it's worth noting that the Register are well known for having an anti-Apple bias in their reporting.

Other companies use the same manufacturers - I would argue that consumers in general wanting lower priced tech is causing this, not specifically Apple - they just get a lot more scrutiny with being such a huge tech company.

Comment Re: Cannot happen in earth, period. (Score 1) 211

Honestly if being a "leftie" means not being an obnoxious fucking prick like you, GOOD, I'm as far left as you can get. You, and every other Trump supporting, racist, xenophobic, sexist wanker who hides behind "oh no you're calling a racist a racist, I'm so offended!" are showing your true colours right now, and it's kind of shocking the number of you, but at least we know who to avoid. You're less than worthless, you're dragging society back into the dark ages - please go and kill yourself before you do any more harm.

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