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Comment miss you or i, i i i (Score 1) 813

For fucks sake. How about "Welcome class. I am Mr. Smith. This class is Science 101. If you're in the wrong class it was fate, stay seated. What I'm going to try to teach you this year is how to learn about science. Some posit that what you're going to learn and read about and experiment with in this class is by design. Not my design but that of a omnipotent being. A god, the GOD. You may have heard of him before today. Many believe that some one or some thing planned it. All of it. They may be correct or they may not. What you're going to learn here is what human kind has deduced and discovered throughout its recorded history and I trust that some of you will add to those discoveries along your paths through life. As for Intelligent Design we can only wonder and search or wait faithfully by until someone or something tells us what we already knew to begin with. To which I'm sure a few just want nothing more than the ability so say "I told you so.". The same can be said about some of the puzzles that science leaves us with today. So, before you begin the journey that is your life in earnest let me try to teach you some of the things we do know and some of the puzzles you could someday help solve. Please open your textbooks to chapter 42."

"Class, for homework please try to find a frog or a stray cat or dog, preferably dead, so that we can explore with them during our studies for the rest of the week. Leave the family pets alone children. Until tomorrow. Be prompt. Dismissed."

Comment Re:Nazi America (Score 1) 364

What? No. Well not directly anyway. I was referring to my perception of a free society collapsing from within and, the distressing part, those directly responsible for ensuring it endures seem to be saying our safety and security is about two notches more important than our liberty. Combine that with politically influential corporate engines and you're not exactly brewing tea.

Since you seem a little bent on spanking me because you read revolution and firmly seem to believe that the power of the vote can .. secure our free people their freedoms forever than so be it. Bullet or ballot - I don't really give a fuck as long as mine are not made to succumb to another or bend to an ill formed authority.

What I was talking about was an accelerated path moving faster by doing little or, worse, nothing. A path that I believe the initial founders both foresaw and tried to prevent. We can either vote our way out of it, somehow, continue to vote our way onto it or not vote and watch. To the point of what you're saying, sure, I don't disagree, necessarily. "The voters" however can only vote until they cannot vote or the effect has been compromised or, en masse, they rebel and attempt change via different means, a different vote. Just because there is a certain path that you would prefer, voting, as would many, it does not mean that that path is secure or effective or will remain to be so indefinitely.

And to this: "If you disagree you can vote differently, but it doesn't mean your voice should be louder than theirs." - nor does it mean I should be silent. One vote is a whisper. A government seemingly bent on working around many votes and working for and with financially backed whisperers, all seemingly in a direction that is diametrically opposed to some founding principals, then you might be on a path towards trouble. Do not hide behind the concept of a false peace when the security of your person, freedoms and liberties reach a point that demands that its defense be made by blood and life.

Vote!! By all means. And encourage others to do so because, yes, for now, it is the best and most reasonable means of preventing an armed and direct defense. Run, hide or stand but know that standing on a vote is precarious at best. There are always options. Ensuring that you continue to have them is a good direction. We'll all know when and if the time for voting has run its course in this country. That would be dreadful, indeed. Nonetheless, it can happen and under certain circumstance probably should. Let's try and ensure those circumstances are not realized because if they are then you'll likely be voting with the screams of a collective people that can no longer protect freedom with a pen - results be damned.

Comment Re:Nazi America (Score 2) 364

Perhaps by allowing it to accelerate - as clearly we are doing just this. Sure, it could get messy with suffering, pain and death and likely will but, really, is it not the quickest remedy? Maybe on the next go we'll get to 300 years. There is not enough pressure apparently to encourage "normal" people to realize the time to choose approaches quickly. If one ignores it long enough they still might die happy with the thought that their life was mostly free.

It's sort of funny, in a horrid way, that every time I see a TSA headline, any TSA headline, the very first thing that comes to mind are brown shirts. Something tells me that there is a reason for that though voicing it seems brash and somewhat unjustified - for the moment. And yet I think it.

Comment Re:Flawed assumptions. (Score 2) 686

Actually, I've met Santa and he's nice. It's a common misconception that he's lugging a humongous satchel filled with toys and the truth will surprise you. He's got this delightfully nifty contraption that actually uses the same power that you believe, rightfully so, would squish a toy under these same conditions. What happens is that he, this contraption that is, produces what is basically a tiny marble with the tiniest pinpoint of light within it that sort of flits around and such. You can actually fit several thousand in the palm of the average adult hand. Anyway, the weird part, these tiny marbles are "delivered" and it's this delivery process that taps the "heat" of the destined human's spirit so that when combined with the phenomenal forces of velocity and pressure they intrinsically form the resulting toy, gadget, craft or any other "gift" you can think of. The delivery "shapes" the gift solely and wholly for the destined individual and its formation is completed only when the delivery comes to a complete stop. It's quite fascinating, and fast. Now, "What about the wrapping?" you might ask and to this I will only say that it's a clever little trick that one certain little elf discovered during early experimentation with hopper loading of these tiny marbles (they're actually called bullion, if you were wondering, and they make billions a year. They're nicknamed "bb's". Clever, I know.). Essentially it was discovered via a series of unexpected in-flight hopper test failures that when the bullion slows it can "glue together" its surrounding particles of, well, anything and what Santa actually does when he twinkles his nose is "color" the wrapping and bow. The elves call this part "skid marking" in honor of that one elf that released that one fateful hopper load attempt. The elf's name was Zee but that has very little relevance. Zee's skid marked bullion piece still sits prominently at the controls of the hopper station though none are allowed to touch it.

There, I do hope I've cleared some things up but, as it is, we must have our traditions and stories, I know.

And to all a good night!

Comment Re:Law Enforcement at Work (Score 1) 248

I agree that this is a more agreeable beat than the fence. I'm still having trouble with what, exactly, is so inherently wrong with an open wi-fi? I would offer that it's a bit like an abortion question - one answers that based on one's requirements and circumstance. One's circumstances should dictate how open they, the gear operator, would like it to be - from locked down through wide open.

Having said that I am 98% with the 'Your Service is Available' notice for those that may be caught unawares. The objective is to protect your own shit. Warnings are fine. Implications that an available network connection is wrong are not. Fuck businesses and coffee shops. I'm a person too.

However, that open network connection is not an invitation for law enforcement to review, collect or monitor the information behind it without a warrant. Its purpose is to provide service to the Internet. Abuse is the responsibility of the abuser. Security is the responsibility of the provider. Privacy is the responsibility of the law. The law is the responsibility of the people.

Comment Re:Expect more of the same (Score 1) 383

Yeah man, good deals all but I really think you're referring to more of an electronic flyer than any sort of pushed advertising campaign onto any device possible. What you're describing is "opt in" and not a "we'll decide for you and your device" - targeted or not. Again, for clarity, receiving an email is not being subjected to push advertisements. It's email, spam or not you get to decide.

Comment Re:Expect more of the same (Score 1) 383

Again with the 'ads are just' and you should feel guilty for touching yourself angle.

If it fails and disappears because ads didn't make enough money to "run the site" then what? We die? No more content? It's not the "right" kind of website as NeutronCowboy above you alludes to with the likes of : 'If you can afford to run it without ads it sucks' approach? Tools. What? Seriously.

Modern Internet. I don't understand that pair of words in the way that you've used them. Are you alluding to content consumption like it's the only fucking thing that matters on the Internet? This may come off as a slight shocker but them "Interweb sites" do not, in and of themselves, make anything modern and especially not the Internet. Simply because your primary Internet activities include consumption of professional content does not make it a justifiable argument for anything save some random "successful" (in your eyes) WEB site.

A website does not exist solely to become or be popular. And it definitely doesn't exist just for you and your masses in the way that you seem to think it should. What you meant to say was nobody cares but you about you. "Cheap because it's bad" that's kind of a short-sighted, dickhead thing to think much less write. Some people don't care what *you* want and in the case of ads it's what *they* want - your money. That is not the be all end all of everything Internet. Shocker, I know.

Comment Re:Expect more of the same (Score 1) 383

Gosh, I'm not sure if you just buy way too much shit or if I should go out and look for a bunch of shit whilst signing up for this that or the other doohickey wack-ass website to throw targeted ads at me so I can ... buy more shit. If I need something I look for it - the very last thing I need is it looking for me.

I am glad it works out for you though. That's cool. But I will, indeed, block ANYTHING, repeat ANYTHING, that I want up to and including refusing to consider anything offering something that I can't block. Capice? Don't aim a diss at people for not benefiting from what you seem to benefit from. Especially if it concerns ads. That makes your two cents a waste of two pennies, but, I do sense that you seem to part easily with your pennies and then when you happen to save a couple on your purchased goods you can waste them here, with that, like this.

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