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Comment Re:Century (Score 2) 495

The one who sounds polarized here is yourself bud. So you imply that anyone who responds in disagreement with you is "immature", ie you are right, end of story. Sounds like you might be the one needing some more years of fermenting.

As for your assertion that Obama receiving the prize is somehow absurd, I would have to disagree. The Obama campaign and his work leading to his election was one of the most positive things to happen in the world at that time, most specificially in generating a positve image for America and hope for an improved world culture. Do I think that this is a good enough reason to award the prize? Not necessarily, but i also disagree that it's absurd or that it has somehow completely discredited the institution.

Let's sum it up this way. You post is politically motivated plain and simple

Comment Re:Software engineer vs. computer programmer? (Score 1) 337

So you don't think designers aren't important? I've seen many a broken application due to "coders" with poor design skills. Software designers are as important as the coders themselves, quality development houses know this.

That doesn't mean a designer can't be, or shouldn't be a coder, but it's not required.

Design and implementation, two different things.

Comment Re:"Breakthrough" Now a Meaningless Word (Score 2) 164

Well I'd have to say that since you don't know what the breakthrough is, nor do you really appear to understand the technical issues involved (other than quoting words from the article)... I'm not sure you are really saying anything. Much like my post :)

Breakthrough's in science can be very simple things that move projects forward significantly. A breakthrough doesn't require a nuke going off, or a plane breaking a new mach record.... it could be as simple as what they state as to resolve an issue that was holding up the project for months.

Of course you might think what they did is "simple" and not breakthrough worthy, but that just demonstrates a lack of understanding for the difficulty in what they are working with.

You do understand we are talking about nano sized circuits here right?

Comment Re:another Obama disappointment... (Score 1) 559

So what? Just because Schiener wishes to imply that he knows best and, in his "opinion" airport security does nothing, doesn't make it so. It's also referred to as fud.

Airport security may never ever find a bomb, or a gun, or a knife (it has of course) but that doesn't mean it's not working. It could very likely mean it's working very effectively. Or haven't you heard of a deterrent?

It's like saying that police are not really doing much patrolling so we should do away with it.

Of course if you read further into the document you'll find that the benefits are discussed at length.

Comment Re:another Obama disappointment... (Score 1) 559

I so agree. It's obvious that these devices are not in any way intended to protect us, to detect threats. No, they are intended solely as a means to invade our privacy and circumvent our rights!

I also object to having to go through ANY scanner, to be questioned in any way or to have any inspection of myself or my property before boarding a plane, entering a secure facility or any other related activity. It's simply unconstitutional!

As a matter of fact I think this whole terrorism thing is overblown and is pure fiction, fiction created by the Obama administration. Yes, even when he wasn't president! They KNEW he was going to be president because it's all PLANNED ahead of time!

Get over it people. Do any of you have a brain in your head? Keep the conspiracy theories where they belong, in your crazy mixed up heads.

Comment Re:Do not trust (Score 1) 171

And the anons attack!

I don't think I've seen more incorrect statements in one sentence before. Let's see. Broadcasted unshielded. Since when did shielded apply to radio waves in any case? Digital domain.... hmm wow, so ONLY wireless signals are digital? WiFi... well everyone else has pointed out this one. encoded/decoded.... I guess this one COULD be true if the signal was being modified from one form to another, which it isn't.

As for the allusion to intercourse... wrong there too!

Comment Re:There is still long way to go (Score 1) 410

Of course they are not forgetting that, it's obvious there are "other" OS's out there. The point of the article is that they are making a case for Android supplanting those other OS's.

So now that you hopefully understand what the post really means you can return to the topic at hand, not what's out there now but what will be more in use by 2014.

I think Android is on it's way to the top.

Comment Re:Tall statement (Score 2, Insightful) 216

Your response doesn't give any reasons for not using Fabric other than maybes and what ifs that may or may not apply to anyone including yourself. You might as well say "why in the world would I ever use Fabric, I live in a log cabin and forage for food, it makes no sense!"

Also who said they expect all programmers to switch to Fabric AT ALL let alone over night? It's a choice. They are offering a potential solution for java based systems that can, in their opinion, improve the overall security of the system by embedding secure rule sets into the code itself, something that has not been done as a part of the language before.

And as for his statement about "our defenses improving" it makes perfect sense and it's at the heart of what is wrong with systems today. Security is often treated as a secondary concern until someone breaks in, then it's top of mind and only then is it implemented properly.

It's irresponsible to act as if security is a given. It's also absurd to think that simply because someone is concerned with security that that means they are therefor implementing secure systems or even have the capabilities to do so.

Now, is Fabric good? Who knows, only time will tell.

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