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Comment Re:No More (Score 1) 521

"Trained to fight?" No, most police are not trained to "fight".

Yes, they're trained to fight. I guess they would get beaten by a hardened thug. I guess they would also get beaten by a trained MMA fighter, or a combat vet with a lot more training time. But don't let those ridiculous comparisons stop you from trying to push your anti-cop agenda. We're not talking about either of those, we're talking about a skinny nerd with a paintball gun who is considering whether or not to shot the camera on a police car.

Comment Re:So what's a "real" microcontroller? (Score 1) 80

I used a couple different Arduino boards for several projects during the course of getting my CE (Not exactly EE, but very close), and also played around with them for a few personal projects as well. The CE and EE majors all had to learn the 68hc11 for the actual embedded micro-controllers course, but only a few chose that platform for use when a project actually called for a microcontroller later on for their senior projects.

If you think that an AVR would be a great fit to accomplish what you are trying to do, then Arduino would be a great choice within that category. If you need more beefy memory or processing, an AVR would not be a good choice. You can program it in C, C++, or assembly language, which made it super easy for me to pick up and get going on some fairly complicated projects with a tight timeline.

BTW, I used an Arduino Mega board for my senior project, which was an automated aquarium system. It monitored and controlled all of the aspects of keeping an aquarium running and safe for the fish. It also had an LCD display and keypad for user I/O, and I think that was a great learning experience figuring out how to make a good user friendly I/O. Both the project mentor and the dean of engineering thought that the Arduino was a perfect fit and implemented well, this project did not need a super powerful controller, nor could it have done so simply with just electrical hardware.

Comment Re:The problem (Score 1) 72

I would assume it would turn out like what the Halo movie was supposed to be. The movie focuses on other characters, leaving the main character from the games (MC, or Freeman) as a cameo role.

I think it would end up like a couple of the Half-life expansion packs, where you play an ancillary character, catching brief glimpses of Gordon during the game.


Half-Life Short Film Grabs Attention 72

switchfeet writes "For any of you Half-Life fans out there, this new short film based on the game by The Purchase Brothers is really garnering some attention on pretty much every gaming site out there. 'It's a mixture of live action and game footage, and makes smart use of in-game sound effects, and some really fantastic location hunting. ... The Purchase Bros describe the production as 'guerilla style with no money, no time, no crew, no script, the first two episodes were made from beginning to end on a budget of $500.'"

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