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Comment Use a ball (Score 2, Informative) 865

Some people where I work sit on those exercise balls. While you're not busy, you can do mini crunches, and even while you're just sitting there, you will be using your ab and back muscles much more to support your posture. Also, stand up and stretch for a few minutes every hour. It's better than nothing.

Comment Nielson is an idiot (Score 1) 849

If it were up to him, the www would still be plain text and images. His philosophy boils down to "Lets design all websites to the lowest common denominator", which is fine if your website needs to have the widest possible audience, but most don't, just like most other forms of published content. Just think. No password masking+browser form persistence features means that I just have to be able to go to, say, gmail on your machine, double click the username field, tab once, and I know your google password. Then I can go to the coffee shop, log into your blogger account, create some nice posts in your name, then log into your analytics account do some bad stuff there, etc.

Comment Re:HTML5 is awesome (Score 1) 500

Now you see the advantage of flash and silverlight. They are plugins, so the people who develop the technology control how it is implemented and displayed. With HTML5, each browser will implement features differently. That's why I first started looking at flash, because I was so sick of the CSS incompatibilities back in the day.

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