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Comment Re: Isn't it obvious? (Score 0, Troll) 255

Is it so hard to get one candidate that isn't fucking corrupt?

Is corrupt some kind of number to you? 1 or 0? If you're looking for zero, the answer to your question is impossible. Do you work? Do you have friends? Family? Are you so unable to distinguish between doing what is right from being perfect? Are you like, 21 and still think your parents are paragons of virtue or something? If you're looking for somebody who hasn't done something that looks back to somebody else, you're naive to the core, in ways that ironically make the world a worse place.

Comment Re: "Diversity is a Strength!" (Score 1) 296

The poster said "I'm sure the study was flawed" and went on to suggest people would rather fill in anonymous surveys with answers that suggested they were discriminated against instead of "being honest" that they were not good at their jobs.

That's exactly the kind of mental gymnastics people go through to prove to themselves that it's a just world, and ironically just contribute to the actual problem.

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