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Comment Re:How many times? (Score 1) 233

There are different degrees of "may." Treating all uses of "may" as equivalent is intellectually dishonest, something you accuse the summary of. "Driving faster may increase risk of injuries in a crash" is more reasonable than "staring at the sun may trigger improved gaming skills", even if for the sake of argument the former isn't proven causation.

Comment Re:And before anyone starts (Score 3, Interesting) 936

By default, no class was protected. But then we noticed some classes needed protection, because they were being treated like shit by people like you. Because as a society, we're not heartless animals, we created legal constructs such as protected classes to help those people.

No classes are protected in humanity's "default state" because classes don't exist. We define them, and we decide who needs protecting. It's all so complicated to stupid people.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 84

See? It's useless! Laws of influence are useless! Preventing lobbying is useless! Just hand it over to the companies - it's the more honest corruption. It is incredible how successfully beaten down you folks are. Seeing a government blamed for doing what any government would do abject support for strong protections from influence peddling at the bidding of the private sector is fascinating.

Comment Re:you are 100% ignorant of reality (Score 2) 84

The voters.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

The greatest trick corperate America ever pulled was convincing the electorate that it was useless to try and separate the influence of money from representative politics. Because you guys now believe it can't be done, you're convinced the best way is by handing everything over to private interests. I can't think of hotter wet dream for an oligarchy.

Comment Re:lol know nothings (Score 1) 386

The actual reason these apps are ballooning is size is because developers nowadays are complete shit and don't understand code reuse, optimisation or assembly language.

Funny you'd have that sentiment while simultaneously outing yourself as clearly not a programmer.

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