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Comment Re: The way things are supposed to be. (Score 1, Insightful) 472

Interesting thing is that when looking at history societies tend to become matriarchal shortly before they collapse. They may stay around for 100-200 years of being matriarchal but collapse they do. The interesting thing is that the same societies were around for many more centuries or millenia prior to that as patriarchal societies. Makes one think.

Care to back that statement up with some examples?

pshaw. Examples are for democrats. I can refute this on pure gumption and old-fashioned crotchety-ness.

Comment Re:Inspired by a 40 year old camera? (Score 1) 263

People are just jealous of Apple's brilliant innovations in the areas of rounded black rectangles, white box packaging, grid-like arrangements of icons, and, yes, accessory ports.

Apple would never copy other companies' designs. They have way too much integrity for that!

I love the fact that this was marked TROLL, not Funny.

Comment Re:Awesome. (Score 1) 168

... congrats, but you totally missed the part where I was making fun of you for assuming that "football" means NFL. Because, well, only in a very small (but obnoxious) part of the world is this the case.

So, I wasn't trolling you, but you totally over-reacted, and now I'm going to claim I was trolling you ... because I seriously cannot believe someone would be as thick as you. Let me guess, you'll now claim to be trolling me. Good job, nub. l2p and come back when you've hit puberty.

Comment Re:Awesome. (Score 1) 168

You are missing the point, the point is having both options the same and knowing your opponents are playing by the same rules. If I want to play a FPS with my mouse and keyboard, I play it on my PC. If I feel like laying back and playing with a controller, I would play it on a console. Yes it is 2 different fields of gaming, but that dosn't make fooseball a bad game when that is what you feel like playing, but when one person wants to play fooseball, he should have the option to find other people who want to play fooseball, and not lose the game because one player is using the rules of football, and tackles him while he's opperating the fooseball table.

... You do realize that we're not talking about american football vs. fooseball. We're talking about real football vs. the tabletop kind. If you're going to attempt an argument, at least *try* to get with the program prior to posting?

Comment Re:Awesome. (Score 1) 168

Personally I would actually preffer MS's idea. Yes K&M players will take gamepad players to the cleaners every time, but sometimes you just want to relax and play the game on a comfortable couch, leaning back with a controller in your hand, in a closed ecosystem where players can only use gamepads, the controls being gimped isn't a huge flaw because the opponents controls are also gimped, you can still have a fair match with both sides being comfortable. You open up precision of a K&M, you take away the option to fairly compete while being comfortable. I don't really get the benefit of cross platform gaming, if you preffer K&M shouldn't you have the game on the PC anyway?

You're right. Why go outside and play football when I can play foosball inside? I'm too tubby to fit out the door anyways...

Comment Re:I think we've known this... (Score 1) 547

I don't understand why people fail to realize this. As an extension, abstinence prevents a world of problems from even happening.

Because many people don't like taking responsibility for their actions. For example : abortion. Sure, it's not in the baby's best interest to be born to a 16 year old high school drop out. So, let's kill it.

Comment Re:Cue the fun.... (Score 1) 547

You hate "religionists" and they hate you. The rest of us would rather you all shut the fuck up.

Can I get an amen from the non-hipster reasonable-atheists in the house? That's right, I'm talking to you, the people who don't go out of their way to be a-holes. Yup, that's right hipsters, everyone hates you and the fact that you hate everything else.

Comment Re:God fearing men... (Score 2) 340

It comes to the assumption or belief or whatever you want to call it that something without a brain is somehow human.

I see plenty of humans walking around (or posting on the internet) with no evidence that they have a brain.

So, you see plenty of non-breathing people who cannot independently control their bodies ... in the process of controlling their bodies?

Comment Re:Long term Id fan here... (Score 1) 172

SurvivorZero + Shameless plug for a game that only 4 people will play (and 3 of which are the creators) = laaaame.

I'm not developing this game and I have no affiliation with the team. You don't want to play a game where you are surrounded by zombies and you have to hack your way through it? It's gonna be fun! And I think it's gonna be free to download, but I could be mistaken.

I do. So I bought Left 4 Dead. And the second one. Do I want more competition in the zombie game arena? Sure. But ... well, it's got to be COMPETITION. Not just, you know, another team making another game.

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